1000 lira support for musicians extended for a month

The monthly 1000 lira support given to musicians whose work stopped after Corona and lost their income was extended for another month.

Within the scope of the support program initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism after the Corona virus epidemic, 24 thousand 522 music sector employees who lost their income were given 1000 lira per month for four months.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy announced that the support period for the project, which they started with the slogan of “Let the Music Keep Quiet”, was extended to 5 months by including May.

In a statement he made on his Twitter account, Ersoy said, “The support period for the project that we started with the slogan” Let the Music Keep Quiet “was increased to 5 months by including May for our music workers. The total amount of support to date will reach approximately 156 million lira. Good luck ”he said.

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