116 million TL support will be given to the digital transformation of SMEs

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that a total of 1075 applications were received for the 3rd call of KOSGEB’s SME Development Support Program (KOBİGEL), designed to support the digitalization processes of SMEs.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, in his speech at the “Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Havza Fully Automatic Parkolay Car Park Groundbreaking Ceremony”, reminded that yesterday is the 5th anniversary of the “July 15 National Will Epic”.

Stating that Turkey’s independence and future were meant on 15 July 2016, Varank continued as follows:

“However, they did not take into account that leader, who established a bond of love with his nation, and this state that has united destiny with its citizens. The true sons of this country showed a magnificent example of foresight and courage that night, just as they said to the invading enemy soldier on March 18, ‘Çanakkale is impassable’, on July 15th. He said to the FETOist scoundrels in ‘Turkey is impassable.’ If FETO had won that night, they would have given this ancient land, which has been the home of faith-filled hearts since the past, to their elder brothers and foreign powers. “On the night of July 15, the book of coups that meant the will of the nation was closed forever.”

Varank wished God’s mercy to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives on July 15, and a healthy and long life to the veterans.

“We are working to ensure that Samsun gets the services it deserves”

Stating that he is pleased to see that Samsun is developing more and more each time he comes, Varank said that they are working to provide the province with the investments and services it deserves. Varank pointed out that Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has been trying to provide modern services to citizens in areas such as urban transformation, industrial projects, sports and cultural investments, transportation projects for years.

“There is no deception in our understanding of service. If we need to serve underground, our municipalities will do it, as long as our citizens’ work is done, but you cannot see it in the CHP.” Varank emphasized that Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir also works with the understanding of serving the citizen.

Pointing out that parking lots are a big problem, especially in big cities, in city and district centers due to the dense population, Varank stated that the roads are used as parking lots due to the lack of parking, and this situation causes congestion in the transportation axes. Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality has started to overcome these problems with parking projects, Varank said:

“When the 5 thousand square meter construction adjacent to the cemetery is completed, Samsun Havza Car Park will host 340 vehicles. In this project, which has an approximate cost of 52 million liras, there will be a gas station, parking lot and minibus warehouse. The parking lot structure combines conventional and mechanical solutions. So far, 28 percent of the project has been completed. After a year, we will put this place into the service of the people of Havza.”

“We have invested 43 billion liras in Samsun in 19 years”

Emphasizing that not only the municipality but also the AK Party governments have made great investments in the city, Varank informed that in the last 19 years, they have brought investments of 43 billion liras to Samsun in many fields including agriculture, urban planning, health, education and sports.

Varank stated that as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, they continue to work to increase the capacity of Samsun, the locomotive of the Black Sea industry, and that there are 6 organized industrial zones (OSB) in the city that provide employment for approximately 10 thousand people, and that there is an expectation for the development of the provincial industry. In this context, Varank noted that they finalized the site selection of the new OIZ area of ​​266 hectares in the shipyards area as of July 5, “After the establishment protocol is sent with the approval of the Governor’s Office, the OIZ will become a legal entity. After that, we will quickly start studies, plans and projects. I wish the new OIZ(s), which will bring new value-added and environmentally friendly investments and new successes, to be beneficial for Samsun.”

“Private sector investments continue without slowing down”

Noting that private sector investments continue in Samsun without slowing down, Varank stated that they have issued 546 incentive certificates for the province since 2012, and that they aim to create employment in excess of 15 thousand when these investments exceeding 9.5 billion liras are completed.

Stating that they established the Samsun Technology Development Zone, which plays a leading role in R&D, technology and entrepreneurship, Varank noted that they transferred resources reaching 16 million liras to this area.

Expressing that they want Samsun to contribute more to the National Technology Move, Varank said that they brought the Experimental Technology Workshop to the city and that they are rapidly continuing their efforts to gain a science center.

Pointing out that they have implemented many projects that contribute to Samsun through the Middle Black Sea Development Agency, Varank said, “Our agency has provided 157 million liras to 290 projects in many fields, especially tourism and SMEs, since its establishment. ‘ and ‘Supporting Attraction Centers’ programs, we transferred 22 million TL to 8 projects. We also brought in a high-budget project in Samsun within the scope of European Union programs. We realized 4 projects, including Samsun Logistics Center, with a total size of 645 million TL. About With the Samsun Logistics Center Project with a budget of 435 million liras, we have turned Tekkeköy, where all alternative roads intersect, into a logistics center.” gave the information.

“We will provide 116 million lira support”

Announcing the results of the KOSGEB Support Program, whose evaluation of the 3rd call was completed, Varank made the following assessment:

“We designed this program to support the digitalization processes of our SMEs even before the pandemic started. The stage of digitalization with the pandemic has confirmed how appropriate this program is. A total of 1075 companies applied to the third call of KOBIGEL. 278 of these applications “Within the scope of the support, we will contribute approximately 116 million liras to our businesses.”

Emphasizing that they will mobilize their resources for all kinds of needs of Samsun, Varank congratulated those who contributed to the Havza Mechanical Parking Lot Project.

Samsun Governor Zülkif Dağlı, AK Party Samsun Deputy Orhan Kırcalı, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt, Havza Mayor Sebahattin Özdemir and AK Party Provincial President Ersan Aksu also attended the ceremony.

After the speeches, prayers were said and Minister Varank and his entourage laid the foundation of the construction by pressing the buttons.

Support up to 1 million lira

With the KOBIGEL Program, businesses can receive support up to a total of 1 million TL, up to 300 thousand TL without repayment. The support is paid for the personnel, machinery-equipment, service and software purchase expenses necessary for the realization of the project.

KOSGEB can pay 50 percent of the reimbursed support amount as “early payment”, that is, before spending. SMEs must complete their projects in at least 8 and at most 20 months.

Within the scope of the call, SMEs are expected to process Big Data with Analytical Methods and Use in the Manufacturing Industry, Internet of Things in the Manufacturing Industry, Industrial Robot Technologies in the Manufacturing Industry, Smart Sensor Technologies in the Manufacturing Industry, Artificial Intelligence Based Cyber Physical Smart Factory Systems and Components, Cyber Security in the Manufacturing Industry, and Manufacturing Industry. Intelligent and Flexible Automation Systems, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality fields in the Manufacturing Industry will be supported.

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