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Values of Turkey (VOT) is a publishing organization that covers Turkey’s industrial, research & development, university studies and technological studies. Prepares unique news and shares it with the global public. We prepare the Turkish industry, defense industry, technology and all other production news for our readers. Turkey now has a very important geographical position at the junction of Europe and Asia, this geographical location is very important for Europe and Asia.

Makes news in Aviation, Automobile, Art & Culture, Travel, R&D, Defense Industry, Export, Universities and Policy categories.

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Makes videos, news, interviews

The Republic of Turkey was founded on October 23, 1923, and many developments have taken place since then, these developments happened in the technological field and studies that will change the fate of Turkey still continue. Having a culture of more than 1000 years, Turks are today the most rooted nation in the world and culture has been transferred from the past to the present.

The headquarters of VOT is in Turkey and it has representatives in many cities. VOT continues to work in the IT Valley, known as the informatics base of Turkey, cooperates with local companies in the technology base.

Ahmet Murat Nuhoglu

Yuksel Nuhoglu

Emre Uludag

VOT is a member of the Internet Publishers Association (İYAD).