AIR TAXI World Congress hosted by Türkiye

AIR TAXI World Congress hosted by Türkiye
AIR TAXI World Congress hosted by Türkiye
AIR TAXI World Congress hosted by Türkiye

The AIRTAXI World Congress hosted by Türkiye was completed with a vertical air show in Kocaeli. The domestic flying car AirCar also took off at the show. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that Türkiye has significant potential in Airtaxis, pointing to April 23 for the first manned flight trial.

Watching the AirTaxi Vertical Air Show held on the helipad in Informatics Valley as part of the AirTaxi World Congress, Varank told reporters that Informatics Valley is Türkiye’s largest technopark that makes the biggest contribution to Türkiye’s mobility efforts.

Stating that they decided to host this year’s AirTaxi World Congress, Varank stated that the congress was held in Istanbul on 13-14 September.

Explaining that they made a small show in the IT Valley within the scope of the congress, where the enterprises and companies in Türkiye could demonstrate their capabilities, Varank said, “AirTaxi World Congress is a congress that we call increasingly popular flying cars, that is, personal aircrafts are discussed and projections for the future are made. Professionals from Türkiye and from around the world came together and discussed for two days what can be done about the direction the world will take – especially there are deficiencies in the regulations in this sector in the world – what can be done about them,” he said.

AIR TAXI World Congress hosted by Türkiye

23 Nisan’da Galataport’tan Üsküdar’a uçuş

Noting that they invited guests to the IT Valley, Varank said that there was a demonstration of aircraft from the smallest to the largest.

Varank said, “A venture company in Türkiye is producing the fastest drone in the world at the moment.” he continued:

“We watched a show of this. We watched a small take-off show of another company that will make manned transportation, called AirCar. We believe that if you invest in the right technology at the right time, you can be very successful in the world. This is what we see from UAVs and SİHAs. We are currently seeing unmanned aerial vehicles in the world. When we say air vehicles, SİHAs, people think of Türkiye first. We know that there is a great potential in Türkiye, both in flying cars and AirTaxis. Our companies are working hard in these areas. At the right time, technology is not yet fully developed. Hopefully, we will become a successful country in the world in the future by investing in these businesses at a time when it is open.

We have just reviewed the vehicle of our AirCar company. They said they believed they could make a manned flight from Galataport to Üsküdar on April 23. Is the regulation with our friends suitable for this, can this be done in terms of security? We will try it. If our friends can make it by April 23, an AirTaxi from Türkiye, a flying car, will have flown from Galataport to Üsküdar on April 23. Hopefully they will succeed. Hopefully we can get the permits.”

Baykar is preparing Cezeri for a manned flight”

Pointing out that the capabilities seen here are those that will carry Türkiye forward, Varank said, “We always emphasize that yes, you have to deal with daily tasks. You absolutely have to do daily work in Türkiye, but we believe that Türkiye should invest in technologies for the future. If we can do this, we can raise Türkiye above the level of contemporary civilizations, we can make Türkiye one of the 10 largest economies in the world. Türkiye has gained a great momentum especially in industry right now. Türkiye’s exports have gained a great momentum. We are a country that can produce in every field. These are valuable but will make a difference for Türkiye’s development: investing in the technologies of the future, investing in flying cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, space, investing in biotechnology and nanotechnology. We also make very serious investments in these areas,” he said.

Noting that many products that have not been produced before in Türkiye are now being produced, Varank said that the technological products produced by Türkiye have begun to be accepted as references in the world.

Emphasizing that they will continue this momentum, Varank said, “In this sense, we are very pleased to hold the AirTaxi World Congress in our country this year. We will continue to support the capabilities in Türkiye, especially in the field of flying vehicles, AirTaxi. Cezeri stands behind us, a vehicle of Baykar, they are busy. “They are constantly preparing it for manned flight. We saw AirCar here, there is a huge drone that can carry 150 kilograms of cargo behind us. These are all products designed and developed by our companies. I hope we are determined to write a success story in this field,” he said.

“Guests are satisfied with the event”

Noting that there are participants from all over the world, Varank said that they took the congress held in London last year to Türkiye this year.

Stating that they included drone shows and AirTaxi’s flight to spice up the event, Varank noted that they exhibited these vehicles here and the guests were pleased with it.

Varank stated that they will show foreign guests “Türkiye’s largest technopark” Informatics Valley, and that they will introduce them to entrepreneurs with the talents there.

Transferring that Türkiye’s car is here, Varank said, “I hope we will open the factory on October 29. We will introduce Togg to them. Our guests are satisfied with the event,” he said.

Kocaeli Deputy Governor İsmail Gültekin, Gebze District Governor Mehmet Ali Özyiğit, Gebze Mayor Zinnur Büyükgöz, General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi Serdar İbrahimcioğlu, representatives of the aviation industry from Türkiye and abroad, and those concerned within the scope of the event, which included the participants, the demo flight of Dasal, Zyrone and AirCar. followed their vehicles.

During the event, Dasal’s “Kargo 150” and Baykar’s “Cezeri” models were exhibited with the vehicle of AirCar company.

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