Amasya, the ‘city of princes’ with its authentic streets smelling of history, awaits its visitors

Governor Mustafa Masatlı said, “People who come to Amasya for the first time leave here saying that they admire the city and will come again.” said.

Amasya, which has become one of the important centers of cultural tourism in recent years, promises local and foreign tourists a nice holiday.

Amasya, which has a history dating back 8,500 years and contains many historical artifacts from 14 civilizations, almost resembles an open-air museum.

Amasya, which has Harşena Mountain and Pontus King Rock Tombs on UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List, attracts the attention of tourists with its nature and history.

Amasya, which is known as the “city of princes” because it is the place where most of the Ottoman princes received their first education and learned the state administration, and where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk declared to the whole world the will of the nation to live independently with the words “The independence of the nation will save the nation’s determination and decision again”, is the city of Kovid-19. It is ready to welcome its visitors during the gradual normalization process implemented within the scope of the 19 epidemic.

Amasya, which stands out with its culture, thermal and nature tourism, is among the cities that attract the attention of tourists with its museums, bimarhane, Sultan Bayezid II Complex, Girls’ Palace, Yalıboyu houses on both sides of Yeşilırmak, authentic streets that smell of history.

“Amasya is a safe, peaceful and hospitable city”

Governor Mustafa Masatlı told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Amasya was among the important cities of the Seljuk and Ottoman states.

Expressing that the guests coming to Amasya will have the opportunity to see the natural beauties as well as the cultural values ​​it hosts, Masatlı said, “The number of tourists visiting our museums in Amasya, which reached peak numbers in 2019, was around 720 thousand. As in Amasya, there has been a serious decrease in the number of tourists due to the epidemic.” said.

Expressing that they are struggling with the epidemic, so that the number of cases has decreased significantly, Masatlı emphasized that they are among the best provinces of Turkey in vaccination.

Masatlı pointed out that they learned that there is a very serious demand for the city this year during their meetings with tourism professionals, and said:

“Amasya is one of the safest cities today, as it has been in history. We will be happy to host guests who come to our city. We have taken all precautions in terms of both safety and health. Hopefully this year will be better than 2019. He leaves here saying that they admire him and that they will come again. Amasya is a very important city in the Anatolian geography, it is a safe, peaceful and hospitable city. I invite everyone to see and experience this city.”

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