An agreement is signed for Türksat 5A’s broadcasting service to North African countries

Türksat AŞ General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok, regarding the broadcasting service of Türksat 5A to North African countries, said, “We are in talks for Türksat 5A frequency sales to North African countries, we will sign a contract shortly.”

Türksat AŞ General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok stated that they aim to position Türksat 5A as an important satellite in terms of television broadcasting in the North Africa region and said, “We are in talks for Türksat 5A frequency sales to North African countries, we will sign a contract in a short time.” said.

Ertok, in his statement to the AA correspondent at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021), emphasized that as Türksat, they are one of the important stakeholders of the defense and aerospace industry.

Emphasizing that they exhibited their activities in the field of satellite services at the fair, Ertok said, “This year we have increased our product range. We have given a name to the products we offer satellite services, we have military-grade antennas under the main brand of ‘PeycOn’. We have portable antennas on the back, the antenna we use for marine vehicles and various other antennas. there is.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that they were able to create a turnkey end-to-end communication service by developing antenna systems and their components, Ertok said that they introduced these products at the fair this year.

Work continues on 5B and 6A

Reminding that the Türksat 5A satellite was put into service in June, Ertok drew attention to the fact that the system satellite level tests of the 5B communication satellite have reached the final stage. Ertok said, “Tests for our 5D satellite will be completed at the facilities in France in November. After that, our satellite will be sent to the USA for launch. We aim to launch the 5B satellite at the end of the year. We are working to achieve the target. Only antenna performance tests remain. On the ground like November. becomes available for delivery.” he said.

Underlining that the work on the 6A communication satellite continues without slowing down on both the engineering and flight model, Ertok said:

“The flight model is the model to be sent into space. Their production has already started. The tests on the engineering model have been completed to a large extent. Some changes will be made in the flight model with the data to be obtained from the engineering model, but it is going well so far. There is no problem in the results. Our target for the Türksat 6A satellite is also by the end of next year. to launch it, to send it into space. I hope we follow it closely in line with that goal.”

5A on the international road

Ertok, Türksat, stated that after the 5A was put into service, work on the marketing continues, pointing out that North Africa and Europe have become important markets in terms of the satellite’s coverage area. Ertok said, “We have serious negotiations. We aim to position 5A as an important satellite in terms of television broadcasting in the North African region. Negotiations are continuing for the sale of Türksat 5A frequency to North African countries, we will sign contracts in a short time. 5A is a high-capacity satellite in an important orbit.” used the phrases.

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