Antalya State Theater started with the play Visitor

Antalya State Theater (AST) brought the play “The Visitor” together with art lovers at the opening of the new season.

İrada Gözelova directed the play written by Tuncer Cücenoğlu.

In the play staged at the Haşim İşcan Cultural Center, Ferdi Dalkılıç played the roles of “Azrail”, Bahar Işık “Mother”, Selge Ezgi Memiş “Woman”, Durmuş Benli “Adam”, İsmail Sabri Memiş and Okan Kağnıcı “Doctor”.

The decor of the play, which met with the audience for the first time, is by Savaş Çevirel, costumes by Dilek Kaplan, lighting design by Halit Akgül and music by Gürkan Çakıcı.

In the play, which was staged in 5 countries around the world and translated into 8 languages, the most important values in the process between life and death are handled within the framework of black comedy.

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