Arçelik signed an agreement for Türk Telekom and Nokia for 5G

Arçelik signed a strategic partnership agreement with Nokia and Türk Telekom to establish Turkey’s first private wireless network.

It will facilitate the implementation of Industry 4.0 scenarios

Within the framework of the realized agreement, Nokia’s private wireless network will support Arçelik’s video-based production processes analysis, indoor positioning and AGV performance. In addition, Türk Telekom and Nokia will launch the first commercial private 4.9G/LTE network in Turkey.

The industrial 5G-ready private wireless network will be installed at Arçelik’s washing machine production facility in Çayırova, equipped with up-to-date technologies.

Future-proof and ready for 5G, the Nokia network will accelerate the digital transformation of the white goods manufacturer, while at the same time transforming into a platform that will facilitate the implementation of Industry 4.0 use cases.

“First, we will increase the performance of our Automated guided vehicles”

Sharing his views on the said partnership agreement, Arçelik Deputy General Manager for Strategy and Digital Utku Barış Pazar emphasized their determination to integrate new technologies into their business models.

Arçelik Deputy General Manager of Strategy and Digital Utku Barış Pazar

Stating that with the application, their companies are in a leading position in the digitalization of production, Pazar said, “With the agreement we made, this network will provide a widespread, reliable and low-latency coverage throughout the facility to increase AGV performance in the first place. With the use of AGVs throughout the production process within the scope of parts logistics. We aim to increase AGV speed, control and operational efficiency. This network will also support our indoor positioning system with high accuracy, providing real-time asset location tracking. It will also increase factory safety through new applications based on video analytics. Enhanced and virtual use cases that can be deployed in the future include reality, digital twins, inventory control, security and facilities management, quality-control, high-definition video for remote inspection, and facility-wide audio and video communications.” he said.

Noting that the private wireless network in question will be a constant element of their companies’ digital production systems strategy and they are looking forward to working with both companies, Pazar said that they have identified more than 30 use cases that can help increase efficiency, security and productivity of the said network.

“We are happy to contribute to the digitalization of production”

Noting that their role in the implementation of the first private wireless network in Turkey was an important milestone, Türk Telekom Corporate Sales Assistant General Manager Mustafa Eser said that Arçelik’s top competencies in digital production, Türk Telekom’s leadership in connectivity and network technologies, and Nokia’s international experience. He stated that he created the new generation “Smart Factory” project by meeting with

Noting that the project will be one of the indicators of Turkey’s industrial digitalization, Eser said the project; He stated that it will host the most advanced applications of Industry 4.0 by maximizing quality, flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

Mustafa Eser, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Sales at Türk Telekom

Talking about the Smart Factory experiment they implemented with Nokia in April 2019, Eser continued his words as follows:

“Our aim was to bring smart factory applications that use the low latency, high bandwidth and high data transmission rate and reliability capabilities provided by the mobile network to real life with the aim of minimizing errors in critical industrial applications, increasing production and efficiency. Today is a very important moment witness to the realization of this goal. As the leader of Turkey’s digital transformation, we are very happy to contribute to the digitalization of the industry’s leading company with a new generation network compatible with 5G.”

“An inspiring example for innovation practices”

General Manager of Nokia Global Cloud and Network Services Raghav Sahgal

Touching upon the white goods manufacturer’s progressive approach in bringing up-to-date innovations to workflows and production practices, Raghav Sahgal, General Manager of Nokia Global Cloud and Network Services, underlined that the implementation of the project is an important step in the digitalization approach in production and an inspiring example in terms of innovation practices in the region.

Nokia Turkey Country Manager Özgür Erzincan

Speaking about the cooperation, Nokia Turkey Country Manager Özgür Erzincan expressed their happiness for the partnership and said, “This network provides a groundbreaking platform for Arçelik to accelerate its innovation efforts against global production giants and reinforce its sector leadership.” used the phrases.

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