Artificial intelligence hackathon “Medathon” successfully completed

Turkcell Information and Communication Technologies Deputy General Manager Serkan Öztürk said, “We support many projects aimed at the development of artificial intelligence solutions, which are becoming more important day by day and will be a part of daily life in the future.”

For the first time in Turkey, the artificial intelligence hackathon ‘Medathon’, which brings together students studying in health sciences and engineering faculties, participated from 31 different universities, while 3 teams that developed the most successful model were awarded.

According to the statement made by Turkcell, the company, which creates value by putting technology at the service of life, and which has signed different projects in the field of education for Turkey to look to the future with more confidence since its establishment, continues to support young people.

Young people who developed the technologies of the future competed in Medathon, the artificial intelligence hackathon in the field of health, where health and engineering students came together for the first time in Turkey.

Organized with the cooperation of Turkcell, Health Sciences University, Digital Health and Bioinformatics Association and AstraZeneca, Medathon aimed to develop new generation health projects that will mark the future by increasing the awareness of engineering and health students on artificial intelligence.

According to the statement, the subject of the competition was determined as developing an artificial intelligence model that detects anomalies in wrist X-Rays, and 10 different teams were formed for this goal. Turkcell engineers working in Turkcell’s artificial intelligence team also provided mentorship support to each team formed. Among the students who participated in the competition, which 250 people from 31 universities applied, awards were given to the first three teams that developed the artificial intelligence supported model.

  • ‘Our goal is to add value to the lives of our people with the innovative solutions we will develop’

Turkcell Deputy General Manager for Information and Communication Technologies, Serkan Öztürk, whose views are included in the statement, stated that with the epidemic that affected the world last year, the critical role of human resources and technology in the health sector was once again seen.

Emphasizing that they support many projects for the development of artificial intelligence solutions, the importance of which is increasing day by day in the world and in Turkey and will be an ordinary part of daily life in the future, Öztürk said, “Artificial Intelligence in Health Medathon was one of the best examples of this. Our young people have also signed many important projects that will shed light on the health technologies of the future with this competition. Our goal will be to add value to the lives of our people with innovative solutions that we will develop in the future as it is today.’ used the phrases.

University of Health Sciences Rector Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl said, ‘Medicine is the eclectic and holistic intersection of the scientific ground. Technology and health are invariable components of every century. Our university’s Technomedicine Club played an important role in the realization of the Medathon, as it does in every scientific field. As a university, we have always been happy to contribute to organizations that will shed light on our future, and we will continue to support them.’ made statements.

AstraZeneca Turkey Country President Serkan Barış stated that as AstraZeneca, they consider it their priority to support the development of public health since the day they started operating in Turkey.

Stating that they carry out their work in continuity and cooperation and that they benefit the society with the projects they realize, Barış said, “We are happy to provide unconditional support in a project that brings together new generation technologies and health expertise. We will continue our collaborations and projects that support youth and digital transformation.’ used the phrases.

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