ASELSAN Konya factory, which started production, opened its doors to students

60 students who started their education in Konya and preferred ASELSAN Konya Vocational Technical Anatolian High School (VTAS) instead of science high school, visited the ASELSAN Konya factory.

Bülent Işık, General Manager of ASELSAN Konya factory, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the factory was ready for production and production on 17 December 2020.

Pointing out that the necessary system production at the factory and line qualifications according to the plan continues, Işık stated that the process of establishing the supplier infrastructure has also started.

Işık reminded that they came together with the suppliers in this context and organized a workshop on mutual expectations.

Production will be made with domestic and national resources

Emphasizing that they attach great importance and value to universities, industry and businesses in a collaborative working culture, Işık said:

“We also attach great importance to the evaluation of domestic and national resources during the nationalization and localization processes of ASELSAN Konya. In this context, with the contribution of Elmalı Makine and Simya Hydraulic and ASELSAN Konya engineers, the production of the barrel straightening machine has been completed and it is ready for use. We are waiting for you. With the motion simulator of Sanlab company, the production of our ‘CY’ axis lathe project, manufactured by Akım Metal, has also been completed. It will come to our company in a short time. It is very important to support our domestic manufacturers and industry, and we are trying to do our best in this context.”

Işık stated that they hosted a group of 60 ASELSAN Konya VTAS students at the factory, and said:

“It was an exciting day, students and their families favored them. Our 60 students in the 1 percent segment preferred ASELSAN Konya VTAS. Some of them came here from various provinces. To cooperate with them, to make them feel that we are with them and what the industry is. and we wanted to come together to say ‘welcome among us’. They had questions, we talked. These young people, who are our future, are a valuable resource for our country.”

Regarding the students who get the score to be placed in a science high school prefer this school, Işık said, “ASELSAN Konya is a brand. We have been able to explain our purpose to our youth and their families correctly. At this stage, we see themselves very eager to serve the interests of the country with the unity of heart. This is its sign. We too. We will do our best. We aim for them to be integrated into the society as educated individuals after they finish school.” he said.

Işık emphasized that ASELSAN Konya is a new player in the sector, and thanked those who contributed and that the investment is a valuable contribution for the country.

The factory impressed the students

Tuğrul Eren Aslan, a student at ASELSAN Konya VTAS Chemistry Department, stated that the factory was treated more like a member of the family than a guest. I’m dying to be a good engineer and serve my country.” used the phrases.

Explaining that the technological production tools in the factory impressed him a lot, Aslan said, “I was very curious when I saw so many tools, equipment and production systems. My teacher was speechless when he said ‘these are millions of dollars’.” said

One of the students, Rana Baran, also stated that she wanted the school very much and said, “I don’t regret my decision at all. I feel very lucky. I was interested in the defense industry. That’s why I didn’t want another school. I passed ASELSAN in Ankara. That’s when I made my final decision. Here ASELSAN Konya we toured the factory, I liked it very much and I was excited. I hope I will be an employee of this place in the future.” he expressed his views.

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