Audible periodic table designed from art clay attracted attention at TEKNOFEST

In this study, it has been designed as a versatile teaching material that will combine learning styles, the use of technology in teaching and the linking of teaching with daily life, and also contain artistic and technological elements that can be used by people with disabilities.

Chemistry and the periodic table were chosen as the subject of study because they are among the subjects that students have difficulty in remembering, associating with daily life and making sense of.

There was great interest in the project at TEKNOFEST

Within the scope of the project, previous projects and academic studies in related fields were examined.

Audible periodic table

It has been observed that most of the previous studies either dealt with the subject in one direction or were limited to application development-style studies only for the computer environment.

Unlike other projects, this project aims to reach the goals by developing a technological teaching material that students can see, touch, hear and play without imprisoning them in the virtual environment and targets are listed below;

  1. Increasing learning efficiency and productivity by appealing to students with different learning styles.
  2. Improving the teaching environment by addressing students with disabilities or one-sided learning styles.
  3. Prolonging focus and attention span by attracting students’ attention by including activity and game elements.
  4. Increasing the permanence of the learned knowledge by making associations with daily life.

As a result of the project, it achieved its purpose with colorful buttons made of art clay, recorded information messages, and educational and interesting design.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the design and the interest of people in design, it was used by teachers and students in the classroom environment and between classes, and positive feedback was received.

The developed design will be used as a pilot in the classroom environment and the points that need improvement will be determined and necessary improvements will be made.

With Screch coding with the help of Arduino integrated

The periodic table, which is two-dimensional, has also been made three-dimensional. Art clay was used to make the periodic table technological because art clay has a highly conductive structure, the buttons are all made of art clay. It is coded with Screch with the help of Arduino integrated.

The project team continues to work on new products and they use their experiences from previous projects in their new projects.

Project viability

In the classroom environment, the teacher puts the student on the board, when the student touches an element key, the abbreviation of that element, its name, sequence number, its use in daily life (For example, salt shaker for sodium) are displayed on the screen and at the same time, the student is told the name of the element audibly.

If the student wants to get more detailed information about the selected element, he can get more detailed information about the element by touching the information button.

When the student presses the game button (smiley face), information is given about a randomly selected element without showing its name, and the student is asked to find this element on the periodic table by touching the right button. If the student pressed the correct key, congratulations, if the wrong key is pressed, try again.

Science is developing day by day in Turkey

Turkey is the fastest developing country in its geography and is an example to other countries. Thanks to the devoted work of teachers, students gain great knowledge while doing scientific and technological studies, and this great knowledge will enable students to discover themselves in the coming years.

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