Baykar develops kamikaze drone system

Baykar, which has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market, is developing a new generation kamikaze drone system called KAGES. KAGEM, which is among the products at the IDEX 2023 Fair held in Abu Dhabi, can easily be thrown from TB2 and AKINCI with its warhead weighing 10 kilograms.

According to the special report of, KAGEM is a ‘kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle’ launched from an unmanned aerial vehicle. In other words, KAGEM, which will be launched from a SİHA like an AKINCI or Bayraktar TB2 in the air, activates the seeker head with its wings and heads towards its target.

10-kilogram warhead

KAGEM is known to have a particle warhead of <10 kilograms class. It is emphasized that the KAGEM Kamikaze UAV, whose air-launched version is currently being studied, will also be developed in the future.

KAGEM’s range, however, remains unclear. However, it is estimated to have a range of 50-60 kilometers.

Together with KAGEM, BAYKAR has developed an ammunition solution for the first time. BAYKAR is also likely to develop longer-range kamikaze UAVs.

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