Bayraktar TB-3 appeared on the production line for the first time: Its ammunition will also be different

While the UAVs and SİHAs, which have achieved great success in domestic and international operations as well as in the fight against terrorism, were appreciated by the whole world, the countdown has begun for Bayraktar TB3. Bayraktar TB-3 TCG, which was displayed for the first time on the production line in the past days, will give Turkey a very important power over Anatolia. Japan and South Korea are also closely following for TB-3. The TB-3, which can take off from the middle of the sea, will also stand out with the ammunition it will use.

The fact that Turkey is one of the best in the world in terms of unmanned aerial vehicles is an issue on which the authorities also agree. It is no secret that Baykar, which has made serious impacts on the field, especially with the TB-2, is also on a fast work schedule for the TB-3, which has foldable wings. Bayraktar TB-3, which will have the ability to take off from short-distance runways, was recently spotted on the production line for the first time. The TB-3, which appeared in the background during the visit of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu to the facility, is expected to make its first flight this year.

TCG Anadolu, the largest platform ever built by the domestic and national defense industry, will take office this year. According to the news signed by Sertaç Aksan published in TRT Haber; After it became clear that F-35Bs could not land on TCG Anadolu, which has a short runway, Turkey worked on different alternatives.

Baykar, one of the companies that rolled up its sleeves in this process, announced that it could lift an unmanned armed aircraft from TCG Anadolu. As the work progressed rapidly, a similar step came from the USA for the foldable S/UAV. It has been announced that the MQ-9B Reaper is working on a variant with folding wings and will be named MQ-9B STOL.

As it will be remembered, Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar said, “An American company has stated that ‘we will be the first to build S/UAV for ships with short runways,’ but let’s see who will do it first.” He challenged his US rival with his sentence.

TCG Anadolu will be a critical power multiplier

Turkey is one of the countries that uses its S/UAVs most actively. However, to date, S/UAVs, which are mostly land-based and landing and taking off from normal runways, have been used.

This situation will be different with Bayraktar TB-3. Turkey, which will have the opportunity to take off from short runways with the TB-3, will also deploy these vehicles on TCG Anadolu, which will go on its first mission this year.

Thus, the target will be able to make a move with a vehicle that takes off over water. Under normal circumstances, for example, the aircraft would have to cover a significant distance for a target over the sea or on an island. Ankara will be freed from this restriction with the TB-3.

At this point, it is useful to draw attention to another detail. The flight deck of TCG Anadolu actually serves as a ‘showcase’ in a way. There are quite large areas in the lower parts of the platform and these parts can be connected to the runway via an elevator. Thus, TCG Anadolu can host a considerable amount of TB-3s in its lower parts, as well as the TB-3s it will carry on its deck.

Which engine will be used for the TB-3?

One of the most curious issues for Bayraktar TB-3 is which engine will be used on the platform. The sensitivity of using the most suitable engine for all platforms produced by Baykar is known. On the other hand, the existence of hidden or covert embargoes on Turkish defense industry products is not a secret.

Although it is highly likely that one of the TEI signed PD series engines will be used for the TB-3 in the first place, sources close to the subject are of the opinion that an engine that Baykar will develop with its own means can also be used in the said platform.

We can see different ammunition on the TB-3

Other factors are also critical for Turkish S/UAVs to be so effective. Electronic warfare support and domestic and national ammunition fired from S/UAVs are the first ones that come to mind.

In the intervening time, Turkey has both provided a serious variety in ammunition and achieved an almost perfect hitting capability. The TB-3 will take off mainly in a marine environment. The air dynamics on land and the conditions in the middle of the sea can be very different from each other. Cloudy weather, heavy fog and corrosion are the first disadvantages that come to mind.

Laser-guided ammunition is not very effective in such weather conditions. In this context, it would not be a surprise that the imaging infrared-guided or radar-guided ammunition becomes even more prominent with the TB-3. It is useful to read the agreement signed by Baykar and Roketsan at SAHA EXPO through this reality.

Japan and South Korea follow closely

It is known that unmanned aerial vehicles signed by Baykar attract serious attention from all over the world. The fact that only 28 countries signed for TB-2 is an important criterion in itself.

The fact that the TB-3 will be one of the very few unmanned aerial vehicles with folding wings also increases the export potential of the platform. At this point, especially the countries close to the islands come to the fore. It is a known fact that Japan is interested in TB-3.

Not only Japan, but also almost all countries with naval platforms like TCG Anadolu are highly likely to cross paths with the TB-3. The fact that the TB-3, which will make its first flight in 2023, will display flags all over the world may be an important milestone for Turkey at the diplomacy table.

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