Birpet Packaging started its studies for robot investment

The new investment with robots is intended to be implemented by the end of 2021, and work has begun.

Birpet Packaging, which produces plastic packaging for the food, cosmetics and health sectors, and plastic components for sectors such as the defense industry and automotive, plans to commission its new investment of 35 million Turkish Liras, including robots, by the end of 2021.

“We conduct disciplined studies in R&D”

The company, which has a sales office in Istanbul in addition to its factory located in Sivas Organized Industrial Zone, also makes a name for itself in the sector with its R&D activities.

Birpet Ambalaj General Manager Yahya Köse stated that producing more R&D-based quality products other than standard plastic packaging distinguishes them from their competitors, adding that they stand out with their products such as pet packaging that extends shelf life, touch surfaces that can collect data, and pet packaging suitable for hot filling, and they are disciplined with their budgets. stressed that they were working on it.

“We will benefit from IOT in our new facility”

Stating that they focused on the modification of machines, increasing their performance and reinforcement with industrial robots with the aim of increasing the compatibility of machinery and equipment with Industry 4.0, Köse noted that they focused on projects where they aim to increase efficiency in production and to make error control more effective by enabling machines to communicate with each other and with humans.

Birpet General Manager Yahya Köse

Informing that the construction of additional production facilities that they will integrate with the existing production facilities continues, Köse said, “Our new factory has been built in accordance with the infrastructure where we will implement the requirements of Industry 4.0. We will soon commission the robots that we have invested in and our machines using IoT technology. In this context, 35 million TL until the end of the year. We will use a budget of . used the phrases.

Köse also added that they aim to reach a turnover between 65 and 75 million Turkish Liras in 2021 and that they obtained 44 percent of their total turnover from exports.

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