Cars will be indispensable: Minister Varank explained by saying ‘very important players’

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank made inspections at Europe’s first and only cylindrical lithium-ion battery production facility in Kayseri Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone. Minister Varank, in his statement here, stated that they support investments in terms of lithium-ion batteries in Turkey, “We want to make Turkey an important player in the battery industry and storage technologies.” used the phrase.

According to the written statement made by the Ministry, Varank, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş, former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, officially opened by ASPİLSAN Energy, established with an investment of 1.5 billion liras, Europe’s first and only. made investigations at the cylindrical lithium-ion battery production facility.

New batteries have been added to the batteries used in many areas from robotic systems to guidance kits, from radios to torpedoes in the Turkish Armed Forces.

ASPİLSAN Energy, which powers the Turkish army, has reached a production capacity of 24 thousand units per day with its new investment, the lithium-ion cylindrical battery production facility. Rechargeable batteries can be used in fields such as hybrid vehicles and medical, as well as military technologies.

“We support lithium-ion battery investments in Turkey”

Evaluating after his examinations, Varank emphasized that the energy industry has undergone a great change and transformation.

Stating that there has been a very serious transformation in the energy sector, especially with the electrification of automobiles, Varank said:

“Lithium-ion batteries are also very important players in this transformation. We support investments in lithium-ion batteries in Turkey.

We supported this investment of ASPİLSAN with our incentives. Turkey’s automobile Togg, together with Farasis, rolled up its sleeves for an automobile-oriented battery investment in Turkey.

Again, the global Ford company announced that it will make a battery investment in Turkey. In addition, different companies are currently investing in storage technologies in Turkey. We want to make Turkey an important player in the battery industry and storage technologies.”

Stating that the facility has developed the technology with its partners in South Korea and is currently producing, Varank shared the following information:

Production of 24 thousand units

Varank stated that ASPİLSAN realized one of the most important of these investments, and drew attention to the fact that the said investment is a facility established with technology transfer.

“24 thousand of these 18650 batteries can be produced at this facility a day, and they are increasing the production gradually. There are productions that have changed from a single shift to 2 shifts. We will continue to work to make Turkey an important player in this field. Most of the raw materials used in this are as mines. currently available in our country.

With the extraction of these mines and the use of purification technologies here, we will actually be able to bring these batteries to a state in which the technology is developed by ourselves and the raw materials are developed and produced by ourselves in the coming period. As the Ministry, we will support this sector, this industry. Because right now, electrification, especially electric cars, is a very important and indispensable element. In the coming period, we will see more players and we will see that ASPİLSAN produces different models of batteries with different capabilities.”

largest battery manufacturer

Established in 1981, ASPİLSAN Energy is a company operating in the energy, defense industry and aviation sectors. Being the first company in Europe to mass-produce lithium-ion rechargeable 18650 cylindrical batteries, the company also produces aircraft/helicopter battery systems in Turkey’s first and only Ni-Cd chemistry. The company is Turkey’s largest battery manufacturer.

ASPİLSAN continues its activities with 273 personnel. Targeting a turnover of 44.8 million dollars and an export of 13.2 million dollars in 2023, the company allocated 19 percent of its turnover to R&D in 2002. ASPİLSAN, which has benefited from 163 million liras from project-based incentives to date, aims to produce cells with prismatic type, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry, 3.2 V voltage and 100 Ah capacity in the future.

Inaugurated by President Erdogan

The foundation of the Li-ion cylindrical battery production facility, which is ASPİLSAN’s new investment, was laid in October 2020 in Mimarsinan OSB. The facility became operational in January 2022. Mass production of Turkey’s and the region’s first lithium-ion battery started at the end of June 2022. The official opening of the facility was held in July 2022 with the public opening ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Kayseri.

All rights belong to Turkey

All intellectual and industrial property rights of the lithium-ion batteries that have started to be produced belong to ASPİLSAN, that is, Turkey. The batteries produced at the facility can operate at minus 30 degrees Celsius. Batteries with nickel-rich lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide in their chemistry are rechargeable.

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