Developing projects to save energy with Try & Make workshops

The main purpose of Try & Make is to raise young individuals with high technology production competence who will be the driving force of the National Technology Move, which is considered indispensable for Turkey’s development.

It is believed that young people who have an interest and talent in this field have the potential to achieve great things with sufficient opportunities and right guidance, and it is known that there are young people in Turkey who can become scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs of the future.

It is aimed to establish Try & Make Workshops in 81 provinces to support young people on their way to be productive and innovative individuals who contribute to the development of Turkey.

Smart Tunnel Lighting Project

An important cooperation was established between the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, TÜBİTAK and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation.

With this cooperation, the “Smart Tunnel Lighting Project”, prepared by the students working in the Try & Make Workshop in Beydağı Youth Center, which works under the Malatya Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, made it to the finals in the Teknofest Primary School Secondary School Intelligent Transportation Competition category.

The “Smart Tunnel Lighting Project” was prepared by Kaan Odçıkın, Elif Özman, Esra Çiçek, Zeynep Meva Gitmez, Çağlanur Kılınç, Mehmet Münir Kınalı, Elif Çiçek, members of the Young Plane Tree Team, who were trained in Malatya Try & Build Workshops, and were observed under the guidance of their consultant, Hatice Özman.

Traffic accidents are prevented

The aim of the project is to prevent traffic accidents at the entrance and exit points of the tunnels due to the adaptation problem of the eye to light. Accidents are frequently encountered in traffic in tunnels and city underpasses.

The vast majority of accidents can be easily prevented with a smart lighting system that is sensitive to ambient light. Drivers who see slow-moving, malfunctioning vehicles and sharp bends late at the tunnel entrance and exit points can have an accident.

Low lighting levels in the tunnel cause temporary blindness to the driver, who has been exposed to sunlight for a long time, especially during daylight hours.

Temporary blindness is solved with LED lighting

With the project, the temporary blindness problem was solved with an ambient light-sensitive LED lighting system that can be easily added to the existing underpasses.

With this system, the illuminance levels of the two regions are equalized by measuring the light levels of the tunnel entrance and the outside of the tunnel. As the tunnel progressed, the light level was gradually reduced to prevent sudden light changes.

The system is controlled by a microcontrol circuit and a software prepared by the Genç Çınarlar team. The illuminance level is measured with LDR sensors and sent to the microcontrol circuit via analog input.

The designed software adjusts the brightness of the led lighting systems by measuring the illuminance levels. The light intensities of the LEDs are adjusted gradually until the brightness level is equalized.

The prepared system can be easily applied to tunnels and underpasses at low cost.

Adaptive lighting systems should be expanded in all tunnels, as was the case in the project, which was designed by abandoning standard lighting in order to reduce tunnel accidents.

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