Domestic car Togg will be at the entrance of the CES 2023 fair!

Bringing car models together with us in the past months, Togg will now stand at the forefront at the CES 2023 fair held in the USA!

The domestic and national car Togg, which has been on the agenda for the last few years, has appeared with its official launch in the past months. With the event held at Gemlik facilities on October 29, 2022, the company shared the first example of the vehicle coming off the mass production line with the world, and also shared its release date. Now, Togg does not stand still and welcomes us at the entrance of the worldwide technology fair called CES 2023. So how does he do this?

What is CES and why is it important?
The Customer Electronics Show, or CES, with its foreign name, is a fair that enables companies around the world to present their new technologies to users. Within the scope of this event, which is organized from year to year, members of the press and citizens find the opportunity to experience technologies that have not met with the end user, albeit for a short time.

Last year, we saw a stand belonging to TOG at the CES event held in Las Vegas and attended by millions of people. We will see the company, which showed us the concept sedan model at CES 2022, not only at its stand but also directly at the entrance of the fair.

As seen in Togg’s post on Twitter, the company had a large advertising poster made at the entrance of the fair, covering 12 blocks of glass. The banner reads “,” a pun on the English word “get together,” meaning “let’s get together.”

Togg, which showed us the concept sedan model at the CES 2022 event held last year, is expected to exhibit SUV and sedan models at this year’s CES 2023 exhibition.

So what do you think about this advertising move of Togg? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section!

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