Domestic game company Ace Games received $ 7 million investment

Mobile games are increasing in popularity day by day. Nowadays, where almost everyone has a smart device, many people have a game or two on their phones. While the developers of these productions make billions of dollars each year, the industry is growing at an incredible rate.

Unlike the computer game market, our country, which is very successful on the mobile side, has many developer studios, large and small. Peak Games, which has been sold at a price of over $ 1 billion in the past years, is the biggest example of this. Ace Games, another company that followed Peak Games’ path, received $ 7 million in support from investors.

Ace Games grows with new investments

Ace Games, which was founded only 7 months ago, has come up with two games so far. “Mix and Drink” and “Prison Life” developed for iOS and Android platforms were not record-breaking productions. However, the young studio managed to attract the attention of big investors with these productions.

Ace Games, founded by Hakan Baş, partner of Peak Games, received a $ 7 million investment, according to the statement. This support came from Kristian Segerstrale, Alexis Bonte and Kaan Günay, one of the leading investors in the mobile gaming industry.

Hakan Baş, the co-founder and CEO of the studio, which was founded only 7 months ago, said: “Investing is a tool, the main goal is success. We have built a strong team at Ace Games, and we will continue to strengthen our team after the investment. We believe that we will do value-added work with the investment we have received and the support of our partners. We are very happy to bring together the leading names of the investment and gaming world under Ace Games. “

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