Domestic rifles developed for security forces are coming

The new rifles developed within the Turkish defense industry will strengthen the hand of the security forces in the field of operation.

KALEKALIP General Manager Selim Erol made a statement to the AA correspondent about the 3 new rifles they exhibited at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021).

Expressing that the sliding sniper rifle KSR50 fires a 12.7 millimeter bullet, Erol stated that the effective range of the rifle is 1500 meters.

Explaining that they had made the first version of the rifle before, Erol said:

“This rifle was used in high numbers by our security forces. We made a new version with the feedback and suggestions we received from the field. This weapon is 1 kilogram lighter than the previous version. The biggest feature of this weapon is that its barrel is made of composite dressing, unlike conventional weapons. Likewise, we call the muzzle brake. “The recoil balancing part, trigger mechanism and other mechanisms have been optimized. In this way, the sensitivity of the gun has been improved and we have provided a more ergonomic use by being lighter. This product has no equivalent in the local market.”

Stating that the rifle was developed within the scope of a project, Erol said, “2,500 bullets were fired in the tests. After 2,500 shots, 10 bullets had to fall into the same area at 1500 meters. While there were 7 out of 10 acceptance criteria, our gun met 10 out of 10 and passed the test.” he said.

The semi-automatic sniper rifle has come to an end

Explaining that the KMR762 semi-automatic sniper rifle fires 7.62 millimeters ammunition, Erol stated that while the previous version of the rifle had an effective range of 600 meters, the range was increased to 800 meters in the new version.

Explaining that they brought purpose-specific features to the stock assembly and made some new ergonomic improvements with the feedback and suggestions from the field, Erol said:

“Other than that, we had a suppressor that suppresses the flame concealer. We turned it into a muzzle brake with the feedback from the field. We also put an adjustment mechanism in the gas assembly for optimum performance of the gun in the use of the muzzle brake. With the features we added, we took our gun to a higher level. Turkey in its class.” “We have created a product that can become the market leader in Turkey. The qualification process is still ongoing, but we have completed the main tests. We will soon launch our product on the market.”

Submachine gun ready in September

Erol said that another new product is the lightened machine gun KMG556 V2.

Pointing out that the version that they had previously completed the testing and qualification process for has a weight of 7.8 kilograms, Erol made the following assessments:

“With our design and development activities, we brought our rifle to a weight of 5.9 kilograms. There was no loss in the performance of the gun while doing this. Our gun is capable of firing 900-1000 shots per minute with 5.56 millimeter ammunition. As part of the request from our users, we designed and designed the suppressor system to reduce the visibility of the shooter. “We have produced a product that has no equivalent in Turkey and has few similar ones in the world. The testing process of the previous version will be completed in August. We will have qualified our product in September of this year at the latest.”

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