Domestic video conferencing application BizBize completed 1 million minutes

The local video conferencing application BizBize was used by more than 50 thousand people, and more than 1.2 million minutes were held.

While interruptions and security problems in social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which are widely used, bring domestic communication solutions in the digital world to the agenda, interest in the solutions put forward in this direction is also increasing.

BİTES, one of the subsidiaries of ASELSAN, has introduced a local product in this field with the video conferencing application BizBize, which it developed after the spread of remote working after the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

BİTES Deputy General Manager Ebru Coşkun told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the product they introduced in May 2020 attracted great attention and they covered a great distance on the way to maturity in the remaining time.

Pointing out that the market size of video conferencing products has almost doubled after the epidemic, Coşkun stated that the rate of business meetings held with video conferencing products that increase efficiency especially in education and communication and reduce operation and travel costs is expected to reach 40 percent in 2022.

Emphasizing that video conferencing products have become indispensable with the new normal, Coşkun said:

“Our domestic and national video conferencing as well as webinar product BizBize continues its investments to take place in this market, which is expected to reach a total of 9.2 billion dollars by 2027. I can say that it is the most widely used domestic video conferencing system in Turkey at the moment. Our aim is to make a domestic and national system more widespread in Turkey and to try to gradually fill the market size of this system in international markets.Although it was developed in such a short time, the product is no different from its global counterparts in terms of its technical infrastructure and functions. We can even say that it has outstanding features.”

Yaygın olarak kullanılan Facebook, Instagram ve WhatsApp gibi sosyal medya uygulamalarında yaşanan kesintiler ve güvenlik sorunları dijital dünyadaki yerli iletişim çözümlerini gündeme getirirken, bu yönde ortaya konulan çözümlere ilgi de artıyor. BİTES tarafından geliştirilen yerli video konferans uygulaması BizBize, 50 binden fazla kişi tarafından kullanıldı, uygulama ile 1,2 milyon dakikadan fazla görüşme gerçekleştirildi. BİTES Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Ebru Coşkun, uygulama üzerinden yapılan görüşmede, yürüttükleri çalışmalara ilişkin bilgiler verdi. ( BİTES – Anadolu Ajansı )

Used in many industries

Stating that the most important issue at BizBize is secure communication, Coşkun said that crypto software and hardware and data remain in Turkey.

Coşkun stated that they have built and developed BizBize in a cloud environment with new generation infrastructures and in accordance with the standards in the world, and that the institutions that want can use the application through their own servers.

Ebru Coşkun stated that the domestic video conferencing application BizBize has been used in many events in the public and private sectors, such as health, defense and energy.

Stating that a developer team of more than 20 people continues to work for BizBize, Coşkun stated that they continue to seek to optimize the development and installation environment, and that they aim to be “one click” away from the users at the support point.

Coşkun said that BizBize also has a plug-in that can be used for large-scale meetings or webinars, so that thousands of people can attend the event at the same time.

Ebru Coşkun stated that institutions such as the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and the Union of Municipalities of Turkey use the BizBize webinar module.

Noting that the application was made available in the defense and health sectors by creating a remote care support module supported by augmented reality, Coşkun noted that modules such as the training management platform and secure file sharing are also included in the application.

Giving information about BizBize’s user data, Coşkun stated that more than 50 thousand users have used the application in many domestic and international events, more than 130 thousand calls have been made, and a call time of more than 1.2 million minutes has been reached.

“Domestic product does not leave anyone unsolved”

Ebru Coşkun said that although BizBize is not a messaging or social media platform, it allows many things to be done in Whatsapp such as video calls, messaging, file sharing.

Coşkun said, “It definitely does not replace 100 percent. Because the area served by each platform is different, but it offers a communication environment that will not leave anyone unsolved. What happened to us on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, can happen to us in other domestic and non-national video conferencing systems. I think the freedom to use a domestic system when the systems are locked takes us all to a very good point.” she said.

Computer and mobile usage and abroad target in 2022

Stating that BizBize is ready for both individual and corporate users, Coşkun said:

“People who want to use it individually can make unlimited one-to-one calls on the ‘’ website, or they can purchase as many licenses as they want with online payment and run and use them through the browser without the need to download any programs. If you have an account on, ‘start a conversation’ “

Noting that they will push the foreign market after the application becomes widespread in Turkey, Coşkun said, “We trust our product. With the necessary marketing studies and investments, 2022 will be a year in which we look a little more globally, especially for BizBize.” said.

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