Drone pilots will compete in Teknofest World Drone Cup

STM, one of the pioneers of the defense industry with its solutions in the fields of engineering, technology and consultancy, brings together the best drone pilots of the world at Teknofest Istanbul in the World Drone Cup, which it manages.

According to the statement made by STM, STM continues to contribute to the future of the sector with its activities for young people, by making significant contributions to Turkey’s defense industry and national technology move and developing innovative and national solutions.

Under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), STM, which develops products and solutions in a wide range of fields from military naval platforms to tactical mini-UAV systems, from cyber security to satellite and space technologies, will take its place at Teknofest to be held at Istanbul Atatürk Airport on September 21-26. .

STM, which is the coordinator of the World Drone Cup (WDC), the best drone race in the world, will bring the world’s best drone racers together in Istanbul. At WDC, pilots will struggle on specially prepared challenging tracks with drones that they design and assemble themselves.

In WDC, where 32 competitors from 22 different countries, from Mexico to Russia, Germany to America, will compete fiercely, the winner will be awarded 30 thousand TL, the second 20 thousand TL, and the third 10 thousand TL. Track day 1 at WDC begins on Wednesday, September 23 and ends with a trophy ceremony on Sunday, September 26.

The grand final of the Turkish Drone Championship is at Teknofest

The names that will compete on behalf of Turkey at WDC will be determined in the final of the Turkey Drone Championship (TDS).

After the challenging stages held in Elazig Harput Castle and Izmir Bergama during the year, 16 Turkish competitors made it to the finals of the Turkish Drone Championship. With the grand final to be held on September 21-22 as part of Teknofest, 4 names will represent Turkey at WDC.

Aiming to convey its 30 years of knowledge and engineering experience to young people, STM will provide young people with experience at the STM booth with the “Survivor Drone”, which is a one-to-one simulation of the WDC competition.

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience drone racing on challenging tracks with virtual reality glasses. STM, which will meet the young people in a huge area of ​​5 thousand square meters at Teknofest, will make the young people experience a technology-based fair with the competitions and surprise gifts it will organize.

Turkey’s leading company in the production of Tactical Mini UAVs, STM will bring its products that attract attention in this field to the youth at Teknofest, Turkey’s first and only aviation, space and technology festival.

Rotary Wing Striker UAV System KARGU, which is effectively used by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and achieved export success this year, Fixed Wing Strike UAV System ALPAGU and Lookout UAV System TOGAN, which counts the days to enter the TAF’s inventory, will be presented to the visitors at the STM booth.

STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they have developed important projects for young people such as “Deep Quests” in the field of military maritime, “CTF Capture The Flag” competition in cyber security and StarTeam Internship and Candidate Employee Program, and said:

“We are bringing the most talented pilots of the world together in Istanbul with the World Drone Cup, which we undertake. Important organizations such as Teknofest, which aims to increase Turkey’s human resources trained in the fields of science and engineering, make significant contributions to Turkey’s national technology move. The path of a fully independent defense industry passes through our educated young people who are interested in technology. We, too, will take our place at Teknofest and share the dreams of our young people so that our generations will be interested in technology and the sector.”

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