Fiba CP broke new ground in the industry

FIBA CP has implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA), one of the solution titles that has become widespread all over the world and contributes to efficiency, in its business processes.

In many cities of Turkey and abroad; FIBA Commercial Properties (FIBA CP), operating in the field of commercial real estate in China, Romania and Moldova, has implemented Robotic Process Optimization (RPA) in all its departments, by signing a pioneering work in the industry in cooperation with Microsoft Turkey.

Reached 8 times human speed

The company, which automates computer-based operations, rule-based tasks and business processes, and implements RPA technology, which can perform operations very fast and error-free 24/7, thus provides many different services such as Finance, Leasing, Operations, Integrated Facility Management, AVM management, Marketing, Architecture and HR. managed to reach about 8 times the average human speed in the field.

With the said technology, the company has automated many processes that need to be done manually, periodically or routinely, in order to both optimize and increase efficiency. In addition to company-specific form filling, e-mail editing/archiving, defined risk tracking, scheduling, classical accounting and finance, RPA robots will also provide high-level reporting services such as concordat tracking, collateral process management and benchmarking in order to manage risk more effectively.

Moved ERP processes to the cloud

In another breakthrough that will strengthen its digital transformation, the company has moved all its ERP processes to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solution, which is offered as a service over the cloud.

Thus, while solving IT functions such as hardware and system management via the cloud, it will further increase efficiency in business processes.

“It will be a good example for our industry”

Sharing his views on the subject, Yurdaer Kahraman, CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of FIBA ​​Commercial Properties, emphasized that the integration of technology into technology has become mandatory, especially in the current period, and stated that it is key for companies to integrate with technology in order to ensure sustainability in their business processes in the future.

In this context, Kahraman noted that they attach great importance to the digital economy and are proud of breaking new ground in the sector and said, “We have made our processes manageable 24/7 by performing RPA in all our departments.

In addition, we managed to use RPA robots, which work with 80 percent efficiency under normal conditions, with an efficiency of 86 percent in particular for FIBA ​​CP, and we managed to increase approximately 8 times the average human speed.

I think this technological breakthrough we have made is a huge step forward in bringing our services closer to the highest level of efficiency. Therefore, we will continue to invest in technology and carry FIBA ​​CP into the future. We think that this study will set a good example for our industry as well.”

“We can manage our processes 24/7 without errors”

Levent Kaya, CFO of FIBA CP, pointed out that the integration with new technologies makes it easier for them in many aspects, and said that with RPA, they can manage all their processes 24/7, without errors, and this gives them the opportunity to maintain business continuity and achieve excellence.

Pointing out that they have been in close cooperation with Microsoft for about a year in ERP technology, Kaya said, “With our cooperation, we will increase our efficiency in our business processes and establish the necessary infrastructure for our future needs. This will increase efficiency and optimization in our shopping malls that we manage.” he said.

“A very important reference for us”

Speaking about the cooperation in question, Tarık Tüzünsü, Executive Vice President of Corporate Customers at Microsoft Turkey, stated that as a company, they continue to work on the widespread use of ERP software in order to support innovation in different sectors and accelerate digital transformation.

Tarık Tüzünsü, Executive Vice President of Corporate Customers at Microsoft Turkey

Emphasizing that FIBA CP’s transfer of all ERP processes to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solution, which is offered as a service over the cloud, is a very important reference for them, Tüzünsü continued:

“In this way, while receiving IT functions such as hardware and system management over the cloud, optimization and efficiency in business processes have been increased. We will continue to increase such examples in the future and to strengthen the power of institutions in the business world.”

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