Four countries are waiting for the Turkish battleship Yörük 4×4

The delivery of the Yörük 4×4, which was developed by Nurol Makina, one of the armored land vehicle manufacturers of the Turkish defense industry, and whose export contracts were signed in a short time, will begin this year.

Yörük 4×4, one of the armored vehicles developed by the Turkish defense industry recently, will enter the inventory of 4 countries.

Nurol Makina, which has managed to export all the armored vehicles it has developed to date, has added the tactical wheeled armored vehicle Yörük 4×4 to this ring. Nurol Makina, whose vehicles are prepared for delivery within the scope of the export contracts it signed, exhibited the pickup version of the Yörük 4×4 for the first time at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021) held last month.

Nurol Makina Deputy General Manager Anıl Karel made a statement to the AA correspondent about the Yörük 4×4 Project and the pickup version of the vehicle.

Explaining that they focused on what they could do on the current Yörük while developing the Yörük 4×4 Pickup, Karel said that they also evaluated some requests from the users.

Expressing that the design of the vehicles to meet logistics needs stands out in some regions, Karel said, “We have developed our pickup vehicle in this context. In this way, we have made the vehicle suitable for multi-purpose use, both as a combat vehicle and for logistics purposes, and increased its usage functions. There is also the possibility of integrating different payloads and mounting weapon systems on the stand in the pickup section.” said.

Expressing that they received very positive reactions for the Yörük 4×4 Pickup at the IDEF 2021 Fair, Karel said, “I can’t tell you their names, but some requests came from users. We will start to evaluate them.” he said.

Heavy delivery traffic for Yörük 4×4

Anıl Karel stated that all tests of the main platform, Yörük 4×4, have been completed and are ready for mass production as of last year.

Stating that they signed export contracts for the Yörük 4×4, Karel said:

“The pandemic caused a little bit of delivery. Due to the pandemic, many countries have restricted their budgets or transferred their budgets to other years. Gradually, countries have opened their budgets and contracts have been realized. We will start deliveries this year. Currently, there are four countries. We will start deliveries to all countries this year. We aim to complete the necessary preparations for the pickup and start mass production next year.”

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