Great attention to Togg at CES 2023!

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited Togg Digital Mobility Garden, which was established at CES 2023, the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Fair. Varank said that Togg, which was removed from the mass production line with the ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on October 29, 2022, will hit the road towards the end of March. Here are the details…

Wind test for Togg in Las Vegas!

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited the “Togg Digital Mobility Garden” at the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Fair CES 2023. Examining the booth with Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş, Varank experienced the area of his scooter, which was introduced as “Beyond X” and gives clues about the “after tomorrow”.

During his visit, Minister Varank was accompanied by Turkey’s Ambassador to Washington Hasan Murat Mercan, Anadolu Group Chairman of the Board Tuncay Özilhan and Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan.

Minister Varank, on the questions of journalists, said:
CES is one of the most important electronics fairs in the world, which has been held since the 1960s. Companies come here every year to introduce their new products and technologies. Togg has been at this fair for 2 years. When he joined for the first time last year, people were confused. The appearance of an automobile brand at an electronics fair was a new acceptable concept.

“More than just a car,” Togg started off. In fact, in the changing and transforming automotive industry, technologies, expectations and opportunities offered by automobiles to users are changing. Togg attended this fair last year to show that it is a technology company. At the point we have reached this year, we see that many more automotive brands are here. In this sense, we can say that Togg has put forward a vision.

Togg wants to be a success story, not only in Turkey, but also trying to become a global brand. Events like this are also important for this vision. One of the most beautiful stands of the fair is here. People wait in line for minutes for the user experience. This is an indication that we are doing the right thing. We want to show up in this fair with more participation. We want to take part in this event, which we can call the showcase of the world, with more Turkish companies. As a ministry, we have different supports for this. We will increase these in the coming years.

This year’s concept of Togg, which we set out as more than an automobile, shows the future point of the transforming automotive industry. Thanks to Togg’s new application, citizens will be able to find answers to all their questions about the car. With the implementation of Togg’s user-oriented application, it will actually become an integral part of the users together with the car. How will our citizens access the vehicle, how they can buy it, how they will be able to reach it,” he said.

Togg was here last year with a concept to introduce the vehicle of the future. This year, too, they presented an example of user experience and what the user might encounter. In fact, they present different visions in different corners. Right behind us, he put forward one of the best examples of how digital and reality can be combined in new cars. You get the feeling that you are living the reality in the images developed with artificial intelligence. This actually shows what future technologies can promise.

The corner right behind us is the importance of Turkey’s automobile in terms of its vision against the climate crisis, which is the biggest problem the world is currently experiencing. Sustainability is now very important. The way to combat the climate crisis comes from renewable energy and sustainability. With his vision, Togg also puts forward a vision based on renewable energy that causes the least damage to the sustainable environment. They show an example of it.

If we look to our left, cars are now becoming vehicles that can provide different user experiences with their own computers. Here, too, there is a corner where examples of how our citizens can use this car as an electronic device with an individual application are exhibited. Showing that it is more than a car is possible with a stand. We would like to thank our friends who put forward a different concept.

Our Honorable President announced the dates at the opening of the Togg Gemlik Technology Campus. Pre-sales will begin in the second half of February. How our citizens can buy this vehicle, the processes related to this will start in the second half of February. Towards the end of March, we will start to see that these vehicles are sold and hit our roads.

There is an application for users, an application developed by Togg. They had declared that they would actually use this application in their sales processes and that they would be able to reach different services with this application. Here is Togg, which will be a part of your life with an application that is more than an automobile. They have demonstrated this vision. With the launch of this application, our citizens will be able to see how they will access the vehicle, how they can purchase the vehicle, or how they will access the different services provided by this vehicle.

Digital Mobility Garden

Established at CES 2023, the Togg Digital Mobility Garden offers the experience of exploring a sustainable and connected mobility future in a 910-square-meter space. In the field of experience, which is both digital and intertwined with nature, concepts such as human and technology, art and science, mind and heart, and unity, and multiplicity in the duality approach meet. The “Digital Mobility Garden”, consisting of “Beyond X”, “Smart Life”, “Clean Energy” and “Self AI” areas, offers visitors an experience that stimulates the senses.

The place where visitors show the greatest interest is the tunnel, which is 15 meters long and consists of an LED screen, after passing through the entrance, which refers to Togg’s logo emphasizing the concept of duality. The experience that started in the tunnel continues in the Beyond X capsule, which expresses the future of mobility with digital art, when the end of the tunnel is reached. The Beyond X area offers attendees a personalized mobility experience.

Met with CEOs and Turkish startup companies

Minister Varank had a bilateral meeting with Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES, and Saeed Amidi, the founder of the world’s leading early-stage venture capital fund Plug & Play, within the framework of his US contacts. Varank also visited the stands of Turkish startup companies at the fair with the support of Togg and the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) affiliated to the ministry at CES 2023. Varank also met with representatives of the International Democrats Union (UID), Anatolian Lions Businessmen Association (ASKON) members, and Turkish American Steering Committee (TASC) members in various programs.

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