Hababam Class Awakens movie makes you laugh every time it is watched

Newcomer to the class, Ahmet, at first seems despised by my Hababam. Hababam Class, which later tries to make Ahmet look like himself, is on the road in the face of Ahmet’s insensitive, emotional and sensitive.

Hababam Class Awakens, one of Yeşilçam’s unforgettable productions, was shot in Istanbul in the 1970s. The movie Hababam Class Awakens, which Tarık Akan did not play, features master names such as Şener Şen.

Hababam class waking up where and when it was filmed

The movie Hababam Class Awakens, directed by Ertem Eğilmez, was shot in 1976. The place known as Private Çamlıca High School is actually not a school. It is the Adile Sultan Pavilion located in the Validebağ Grove in Üsküdar.

What is the subject

A new and hardworking student named Ahmet joins the Hababam Classroom. The Hababam Classroom tries to liken Ahmet to himself, whom he mocks as a villager in the first place. However, Ahmet is a sensitive and sensitive child who does not give up easily.

Hababam Class, continuing on its way without Tarık Akan, calls for social sensitivity, not admitting that they have flattered their constant mischief.


  1. Adile Naşit – Hafize Ana
  2. Münir Özkul – Kel Mahmut
  3. Halit Akçatepe – Güdük Necmi
  4. Kemal Sunal – Cow Shaban
  5. Şevket Altuğ – Chemistry teacher Şevket
  6. Ahmet Sezerel – Ahmet Sezer
  7. Ali Çamlıca – Literature teacher Zühtü
  8. Sener Sen – Badi Ekrem
  9. Hakkı Karadayı – Veysel Efendi
  10. Muharrem Gürses – Manager
  11. Feridun Şavlı – Domdom Ali
  12. Cem Gürdap – Tulum Hayri
  13. Bulent İğdiroğlu – Kalem Şakir
  14. Ahmet Arıman – Hayta İsmail
  15. Cengiz Nezir – Bozum Cahit
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