HAVELSAN Advanced Technologies Center opened in the IT Valley in Gebze

PHOTO: AA HAVELSAN Advanced Technologies Center was opened with a ceremony held yesterday in the Informatics Valley in Gebze.

According to the statement made by HAVELSAN, the center, which was established to contribute to HAVELSAN’s vision of the future, was opened yesterday in the Gebze Informatics Valley.

In his speech at the ceremony, HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said, “We have included 24 of the 90 companies within the IT Valley into the HAVELSAN business ecosystem, and negotiations will begin with 56 new participating companies in 2021.” used the expressions.

Reminding that HAVELSAN is the “founding member” of the Turkish Open Source Platform, which was established by the partnership of Informatics Valley and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE and managed by the Informatics Valley, Nacar said, “In this way, to increase the number of software developers in the open source software ecosystem to be created and to contribute to the development of exportable software products. we aim. ” found the assessment.

Emphasizing that the Informatics Valley management invited HAVELSAN as the “Technology Leader” to the Informatics Valley Mobility Based Agriculture Cluster, Nacar said, “Cooperation with companies that will be included in the Agriculture Cluster in drone, Internet of Things (IoT), robotic autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and similar technologies and Our negotiations continue to contribute to the coordination. ” used the expressions.

HAVELSAN Advanced Technologies Center was opened with a ceremony held in the Informatics Valley in Gebze. (HAVELSAN – Anadolu Agency)

“We opened it to contribute to competitiveness”

HAVELSAN Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar also noted that engineering and R&D studies have progressed a lot in Turkey and that there are no products that cannot be made or developed in the country today.

Mantar said, “Now we need to open up to the world. For this, we have to offer cost-effective, sustainable and competitive solutions. We opened our HAVELSAN Advanced Technologies Center in order to contribute to this competitiveness of our country.” made the statement.

Pointing out that cooperation is the most important criterion of the technology development process, Mantar said:

“One of the reasons for our existence in the Informatics Valley is to work closely and cooperate with the ecosystem here. If we are developing products with an ecosystem company, this should be developed not only for the needs of HAVELSAN, but to sell it to the whole world.”

Informatics Valley General Manager Serdar İbrahimcioğlu, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of the works carried out with the motto of the National Technology Move, and stated that he was very happy for the opening of the center of HAVELSAN, one of the favorite institutions of the national defense industry, which is an important step in this way.

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