HAVELSAN’s Barkan ICA fires ROKETSAN’s Mete missile

Barkan, the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UAV) developed by HAVELSAN, has achieved a first in a different field in terms of weapon systems. Developed by ROKETSAN, the laser-guided missile Mete was launched by Barkan. The Mete missile fired from Barkan in the tests successfully hit its target. Thus, Barkan gained new firepower with the 7.62 mm Weapon System it carries.

Images about the test were shared by HAVELSAN:

Today, IKA systems have an important place in the Digital Unity Concept developed by HAVELSAN. It operates directly on the battlefield with the weapon it carries on remotely controlled, autonomous systems. It can be used in missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance, providing fire support, bomb disposal, and transporting the wounded.

Mete Missile

The missile, named after Okçu Mete Gazoz, who brought the gold medal to our country in the Olympics last year, was developed by ROKETSAN. The mini-class missile has laser guidance. The system has features to be used in UAVs, UAVs, and IDAs.

Head of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir described the Mete missile as follows:

“The laser-guided mini-missile METE is coming. METE, developed and tested by ROKETSAN, will be used in UAV-UAV-IDA and will also be fired by single personnel with a grenade launcher. Our METE missile will hit the target from 12 just like our Olympic champion archer Mete Gazoz.”

Technical characteristics of the Mete missile

Print40 mm
Length~ 50 cm
Weight~ 1.2 kg
Max Range~ 1.000+ m
Guidance MethodSemi-Active Laser

HAVELSAN expands IKA family

After the first model of Barkan, which started to enter the TAF inventory, HAVELSAN continues to work on a heavier SGA system called Kapgan. Kaplan made its first launch at the SAHA EXPO held in recent months:

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