He has been shaping wood for 30 years in the workshop inherited from his father.

50-year-old Salih Aslan, who started carpentry as an apprentice with his father at a young age in Karaman, makes household items, toys and ornaments from tree stumps and branches he collects from nature.

Salih Aslan, who has been a carpenter for 30 years in the workshop inherited from his father in Karaman, makes use of the tree stumps and branches he finds in nature by making household items, toys and ornaments.

50-year-old Aslan, who lives in Akçaalan, a forest village connected to the center, and works as a headman, continues his carpentry work in the 40 square meter workshop he inherited from his father under his house.

Aslan told Anadolu Agency correspondent that he started carpentry as an apprentice with his father at a young age, and that he has been dealing with this profession for about 30 years.

Stating that he and his father do the woodwork of the newly built houses in the surrounding villages, but with the development of technology, PVC doors and windows have started to be preferred instead of wood, Aslan stated that their work has decreased over time.

Emphasizing that he was on a quest to continue his profession after his father’s death, Aslan said, “After a while, I started making kitchenware and souvenirs. In the past, I used to make materials such as condiments, mortars, wooden spoons and ladles on order. At that time, we were making it entirely by hand. I bought new machines by following the technology. I increased my product range. I completely turned towards this.” he said.

Gift objects attract attention

Aslan said that he made kitchenware, ornaments and children’s toys in his workshop.

“I do whatever can be made from wood. Needs and demands change according to the day. We try to adapt to this, too. We are forest villagers. Wood materials are important to us. They do not age easily, do not break, and are easily transported. Our raw material is wood. The tree branch that I see while walking in nature, any person While it doesn’t mean anything to me, that branch is a cup, a glass, a spoon. I collect and evaluate dead branches and logs that are useful to me. I make kitchen materials such as centipedes, rolling pins, meat boards, wooden ladles and spoons used in rolling dough, these are indispensable in villages. Besides, children We make wooden toys for children. Gift cups, sugar bowls, small mortars, wooden cradles attract a lot of attention.”

Underlining that they sometimes come across interesting motifs while processing trees, Aslan said, “Not every product is made of every tree. Materials to be made of hard wood and materials made of soft wood are different. Sometimes you come across natural motifs. For example, while doing a work, I saw two motifs resembling a wolf painting. I made the name plate. I hope that if I find the opportunity and they accept it, I will present it to MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli.” he said.

Stating that they usually sell their products in the village, Aslan said, “Those who know come to the village and buy them. Sometimes we share them on social media, we receive orders from there. We received a lot of orders over the internet during the epidemic. Maybe we can even set up a website in the future. I love this job. As much as I can. I will continue to do it. More than making money, I rest while making these materials.” used the phrases.

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