HİSAR-A missile successfully hit target aircraft in Aksaray

The Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HİSAR-A) successfully hit the target aircraft in the shot made within the scope of inspection and acceptance activities.

In the post made on the Twitter account of the Ministry of National Defense (MSB), it was stated that the target aircraft was successfully hit in the HİSAR-A missile firing from the Autonomous Missile Launching System yesterday at the Aksaray Firing Area.

“The system will be a serious power multiplier in air defense”

İsmail Demir, President of the Presidency Defense Industry, shared the last stage reached in the HİSAR A + Air Defense Missile System on his Twitter account.

İsmail Demir said, “HİSAR A + Air Defense Missile System successfully destroyed all the elements to be included in the inventory on a single vehicle, with the Autonomous HİSAR A + configuration, the high-speed target aircraft with increased performance in altitude and range.” used the expressions.

In the statement made by the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB), it was emphasized that the HİSAR A + Project systems, which play important roles in Turkey’s air and missile defense, continue to be included in the inventory.

The Missile Launching Systems that work in coordination with the Firing Management Device and the Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (Autonomous HİSAR In the statement, which was informed that it is ready for use in A +), the following was recorded:

“Autonomous HİSAR A + Firing Tests were successfully completed by ASELSAN and ROKETSAN in Aksaray Shooting Range with the participation of the Defense Industry Presidency and Turkish Armed Forces. with the Autonomous HİSAR A +, the high-speed target attacking at medium altitude and long range was directly destroyed by hitting it. “

In the statement, it was stated that the autonomous HİSAR A + will perform the air defense task of armored mechanized moving units, “The system can move in all kinds of terrain, fast change position, short reaction time, 360 degree protection capability and targets without the need for any element. has the ability to prevent. ” was evaluated.

In the statement, which pointed out that the radar, electro-optical sensors, command control, fire control elements, communication elements and missiles are located on a single armored tracked vehicle, the system also has the ability to work as a team and with high command control elements.

In the statement, the following information was given by pointing out other features of the system:

“The HİSAR A + missile has high maneuverability and double-impact engine technology. The highly effective and particle-effective warhead of the missile was developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE. The system, which was developed to meet the air defense needs of our country against threats at different altitudes, is among the objectives of the system, with fixed and rotary wing air platforms. missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Designed in line with today’s operational needs and threats, the system will be a serious power multiplier in air defense.”

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