Ilgaz Mountain welcomes skiers in winter and nature lovers who want to cool off in summer

Ilgaz, one of the highest mountains of the Western Black Sea Region, offers its visitors different beauties in every season.

Ilgaz, one of the highest mountains of the Western Black Sea, is also the subject of the song, which begins with the words “Ilgaz, you are a lofty mountain in Anatolia/You are that vineyard of heaven on earth in spring/Your cliffs rise to the sky/Your smoky head pierces the clouds…” It is among the leading ski and winter tourism centers of Turkey.

Ilgaz Mountain, which is located between Kastamonu and Çankırı and spends almost half of the year under snow, provides its visitors with the opportunity to find different beauties in every season with its natural beauties as well as the ski center it hosts.

Ilgaz Mountain, where the snow gradually recedes towards the summit due to the warming of the weather, welcomes its visitors with its white in winter and green in summer. At the summit of Ilgaz, at an altitude of approximately 2,600 meters, visitors can find colorful endemic flowers, icy waters, plateaus and walking paths.

It is known that around 30 wild animals such as bears, wolves, foxes, deer, roe deer and wild boars live on Ilgaz Mountain, where larch, scotch pine and fir trees and alpine (grassland above the tree growth limit in high mountain areas) are common.

Nature photographer Cebrail Keleş told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Ilgaz is a very special place and the mountain contains many beauties.

Stating that they are at the Yurduntepe summit of Ilgaz, Keleş said, “Neither camera, camera nor words are enough to describe the beauties of the area we are in. Our location is the center of skiers, snow lovers and winter tourism in winter. Ilgaz endemic plants, plateaus, natural beauties and the hot summer days we live in. It’s a place where we can cool off and be alone with nature.” said.

Emphasizing that the region offers many opportunities to its visitors, Keleş said, “On Ilgaz Mountain, you can see all kinds of endemic plants and specimens from wildlife if you are lucky, on the condition that you leave only our footprints. Besides, there are mushrooms. You will have the chance to see mushrooms that you do not know, provided that you do not touch them. It is a tourism that you will take with you by framing the beauties and beauties with your camera.” used the phrases.

Expressing that Ilgaz is an indispensable place for those who want to cool off, Keleş said, “Currently, the temperature is 38 degrees in Kastamonu. We are at the peak and we are cold right now. On the other hand, a cool cool wind is blowing. Our location is one of the highest points in the Western Black Sea Region. “We can see very far points from here. We can see the surroundings as if we were watching from an airplane.” he said.

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