Kalyon PV will be the energy for IT Valley

Kalyon PV, which realizes Turkey’s largest investments in renewable energy, and IT Valley, which hosts scientific studies in different fields to lead Turkey’s technological transformation, signed a cooperation protocol to carry out joint studies in the field of domestic and renewable energy.

With the protocol, which became official with the signatures of the Renewable Energy Workshop, it was also decided to utilize the high-tech solar panels produced by Kalyon PV in order to meet the energy needs of IT Valley.

At the Renewable Energy Workshop organized with the support of Kalyon PV and Hasan Kalyoncu University and hosted by IT Valley, a cooperation protocol was signed to cover the roofs of IT Valley with 2,619 solar panels with a capacity of 1.05 megawatts (MW) produced by Kalyon PV. With the cooperation between Kalyon PV, Hasan Kalyoncu University and IT Valley, it is also aimed to implement various projects with the aim of developing renewable energy technologies in Turkey and raising awareness in this field.

IT Valley Illuminates with Kalyon Sun

The latest developments and technologies in renewable energy were also discussed at the workshop.

Kübra Kalyoncu Şeherli: “We will continue to work for Turkey to reach the top of the energy league”

Emphasizing that as Kalyon PV, they focus not only on investment and production but also on knowledge production, research and development, Kalyon Holding Board Member Kübra Kalyoncu Şeherli expressed the importance they attach to cooperation with IT Valley: We consider IT Valley as Turkey’s Silicon Valley. In this context, this step we took with IT Valley and Hasan Kalyoncu University, which are the incubation centers of very valuable studies, is of symbolic importance for the foundation of many future projects. We will continue to invest in technology and our R&D studies with all our energy so that Turkey can reach the top in the energy league.”

Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) Rector Prof. Dr. Turkay Dereli

“We meet the electricity needs of our university from the sun”

Emphasizing that effective management of environment and natural resources is very important for sustainable development, Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) Rector Prof. Dr. Türkay Dereli stated that all of their universities meet their energy needs from the sun and used the following statements: “As a university, we add value to nature with the renewable energy we produce. Acting with the goal of an environmentally friendly and green university, HKU increased its installed power to 2.3 MWp by using domestic solar panels produced by Kalyon PV. HKU produces 3,125 MWh of energy per year with its new installed power. Thus, the university will meet almost all of its electrical energy needs from renewable energy, preventing the release of 1,850 tons of CO2 to the nature.”

IT Valley General Manager A. Serdar İbrahimcioğlu

IT Valley General Manager A. Serdar İbrahimcioğlu spoke as follows regarding the cooperation:

“As IT Valley, we work with the vision of transferring the achievements of our defense industry to the civilian sphere. One of our main topics here is energy. Today, we are taking the step of not only the Renewable Energy Workshop, but also the strong collaborations we will make together. A year ago, as IT Valley, we conveyed our vision on this issue to Kübra Kalyoncu Şeherli, Kalyon Holding Board Member. She also took care of us and gave us 2 thousand 619 solar energy panels, corresponding to 1 MW of electricity. This will not only serve the entrepreneurs in the IT Valley, but also our country. We thank Kalyon Holding very much.”

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