Kipaş Holding was accepted to the Turquality support program

It has been announced that Kipaş Holding, based in Kahramanmaraş, has been accepted to the Turquality Support Program, which was launched with the aim of branding Turkish products abroad and placing the image of Turkish goods.

According to the written statement made by Kipaş Holding, Kipaş Holding, which operates in many fields in Turkey from textiles to energy, from cement to paper, from education to logistics, and contributes to the Turkish economy with its 11 thousand employees and a turnover of over 1 billion dollars, provides Turquality Support, which is carried out with the aim of creating Turkish brands. He was accepted into the program.

Kipaş Holding Chairman of the Board Mehmet Hanefi Öksüz, whose opinions were asked in the statement made on the subject, stated that the holding will become even stronger in the international arena with the support of the Turquality Support Program.

Emphasizing that while adding value to Turkey’s economy with the program, they will also provide a new vision for the company’s image abroad, Öksüz continued as follows:

“We have been entitled to benefit from the Turquality Support Program, one of the most prestigious support programs in Turkey. This program is prepared with the data obtained as a result of the examination of the most efficient applications of world brands. Thanks to this program, which will continue to carry us to good points in every sense, both financially and While we are developing both institutionally, we will continue to carry our global competitiveness to the highest points, and together with this, we will have achieved many gains provided by the program in our operational structure, export, strategy, high added value, development and sustainability.”

Pointing out that all employees of the institution follow the process with a superhuman effort, Öksüz stated that preparing for the process, completing the application stages and gaining support as a result requires effort and work.

Stating that they aim to make Kipaş Holding the most important production base in Europe, Öksüz said, “We have come a long way in terms of corporate sustainability by reviewing all our plans, organizations and strategies and making the improvements we need. We will continue to benefit from the Turquality process by moving it forward.” He spoke as.

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