KUZGUN-KY’s first shot was successful

KUZGUN-KY’s first shot was successful

The first firing test of KUZGUN-KY Modular Guided Munitions developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE was successfully carried out in Sinop.

The Solid Fuel (KY) configuration of TÜBİTAK SAGE signed KUZGUN was launched for the first time from the Sinop Shooting Range. The launch was successful.

According to the news of SavunmaSanayist.com, KUZGUN’s Solid Fuel Modular Guided Ammunition was launched from land to sea on Friday, February 24. The launch of KUZGUN-KY took place without a warhead for data collection.

TÜBİTAK SAGE Manager Gürcan Okumuş made a statement in March last year, after KUZGUN-KY said that they would shoot from an unmanned sea vehicle, TÜBİTAK SAGE and SEFİNE Shipyard; In June 2022, an agreement was signed in order to expel KUZGUN-KY from SİDA.

On the other hand, work continues for the first shot of KUZGUN-SS, another member of the KUZGUN Family, from AKSUNGUR SİHA. According to the information received by SavunmaTR; The Free Glide version of KUZGUN is expected to be launched from AKSUNGUR SİHA in the near future.

KUZGUN Ammunition Family

KUZGUN Guided Modular Munitions Family with three different versions; It can be launched from many different platforms such as MMU, HÜRJET, HÜRKUŞ, which will be used in the future, especially F-16s and SİHAs.

It is known that KUZGUN-KY, the solid fuel version of the KUZGUN ammunition, which weighs less than 100 kilograms, has a speed of approximately Mach 1.5 and a range of 40 km when launched from land. KUZGUN-TJ, the turbojet configuration of KUZGUN, will have a range of approximately 245 kilometers and KUZGUN-SS (Free Glide) will have a range of approximately 110 kilometers.

KUZGUN Guided Modular Ammunition is a new generation 100 kg class product family developed to meet the tactical guided ammunition needs, modular in terms of propulsion and navigation/guidance methods and warhead, low cost, suitable for multiple uses, high hit accuracy and low lateral damage.

KUZGUN Ammunition, which will have various warhead options such as particulate, penetrating, thermobaric and general purpose; It has navigation options with seeker head such as Laser Seeker (LAB), Imaging Infrared Seeker (IIR), Radar Seeker, HOJ, mmW Radar, Data Link, ANS and KKS.

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