Laser-guided mini-missile METE soon enters the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir stated that the laser-guided mini-missile METE, developed and tested by ROKETSAN, will hit the targets from 12.

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir gave information about the laser-guided mini-missile METE in his post on his Twitter account.

Drawing attention to the characteristics of the missile, Demir said:

“The laser-guided mini-missile METE is coming. The METE, developed and tested by ROKETSAN, will be used in UAV-UAV-IDA and will also be fired by a single personnel with a grenade launcher. Our METE missile will hit the target from 12, like our Olympic champion archer Mete Gazoz.”

In the video shared by Demir, the characteristics of the METE missile were conveyed, accompanied by the launch images.

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