President of Defense Industry İsmail Demir announced the details of IKA ACROB

Demir said, “Our IKA family is growing. ACROB light class unmanned land vehicles, developed with domestic means, are on duty as the little assistants of our security forces in reconnaissance/surveillance with 3 cameras, speed and agility in all weather and terrain conditions, in different visibility conditions.”

President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir stated that the Turkish defense industry will continue to progress in autonomous areas, and noted that the developments in the unmanned land vehicles (UGA) developed within this scope are also continuing.

Making statements about the ACROB SLA developed in this context, Demir said, “We continue to develop and put into service our unmanned ground vehicles at every level in line with the needs of our security forces. The ACROB unmanned ground vehicle, which was developed locally by Elektroland as a project of our Presidency, is one of our UAVs that is used by our security forces. ACROB SLAs will be the little assistants of our security forces in all weather and terrain conditions and in different visibility conditions.

“Reconnaissance/surveillance/situational awareness capacity is at levels that will make a difference compared to equivalent foreign vehicles”

Stating that ACROB, which has been developed with domestic and national resources, will provide very important services for the Turkish defense, Demir said, “With its three cameras, including the tail section, the ACROB IKA, which has a reconnaissance/surveillance function, can be easily carried on the back. ACROB stands out with its high mobility, speed and agility, especially with its stroke movement system in difficult terrain conditions.

ACROB vehicle, whose operational capability is constantly being improved in the light of the experience gained with developing technology, its ability to be thrown to long distances with its durable body structure, its reconnaissance/surveillance/situational awareness capacity reaches levels that will make a difference compared to foreign equivalent vehicles, thanks to the camera added to the tail section with an increased and 180-degree turn capability. ” he said.

“Except our country’s inventory, it has been included in the security forces inventory of 3 more countries”

Noting that the Turkish defense industry has also taken very successful steps in the export item and has now become one of the important countries in this field, Demir said, “As a result of the development and qualification activities carried out under the auspices of our Presidency, the ACROB vehicle, which is included in the security forces inventory of 3 more countries besides our country’s inventory, has been developed in accordance with the developing technology level. and our efforts to expand the mission/operation area continue,” he said.

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