Renault Group builds engineering team in Turkey

Renault Group announced that it will form an engineering team in Turkey to develop automobile accessories.
©YOAN VALAT/EPA/MAXPPP – epa08444699 General view of the French car manufacturer Renault headquarters in Boulogne Billancourt, near Paris, France, 26 May 2020. French media reports that due to the Coronavirus pandemic Renault and others car manufacturers struggle difficult time. EPA-EFE/YOAN VALAT

Renault Group, which started to focus on after-sales engineering operations in Turkey as of 2018, decided to establish an after-sales team, mainly engineering, purchasing and marketing, within the Global Business Services Directorate under the umbrella of Oyak Renault.

According to the company statement, the after-sales team, who completed the first stage recruitment operations, also completed the work transfer processes of the projects.

Project and accessory development work will be done

Simultaneously with the Renault Group’s automobile projects, the engineering team will also carry out accessory development activities from Turkey, and will also carry out innovation studies together with the after-sales engineering team in France.

Among the goals of the team will be to provide an environment for the establishment of possible cooperation structures between Far Eastern companies, which are among the pioneers of the market in the field of high technology accessories, and Turkish companies.

A significant part of Renault Group’s aftermarket accessories for automobile projects belonging to Renault, Dacia and Lada brands will be developed by the newly established after-sales engineering team within Oyak Renault Automobile Factories.

Renault Group will also carry out the purchasing and business development / marketing operations of the automobile accessories to be developed from Turkey.

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