SGS Turkey took its place at the summit of factories producing its energy

The summit of factories producing its energy, where SGS Turkey is represented by the Industry and Environment Division and the Information and Audit Services Division, was held at ViaPort Marina Expo Center Tuzla between 5-7 October.

The most special examples of increasing efficiency by reducing energy costs, which is one of the biggest expense items of industrial production, and the experiences of factories investing in this field were shared.

At the summit, SGS Turkey Industry and Environment Department Manager Erhan Aydın gave a speech on the European Green Consensus and Carbon Footprint Calculation Studies.

Explaining the carbon footprint and water footprint studies, which are gaining importance day by day with the announcement of SGS Turkey’s European Green Deal, Erhan Aydın explained the importance of these studies for companies.

SGS Turkey Industry and Environment Department Manager Erhan Aydın

Aydın said, “SGS offers a wide range of services related to Energy Management System and Sustainability all over the world. In this context, we carry out carbon footprint inventory and verification studies, Water footprint inventory and verification studies, Product Life Cycle (LCA) studies, sustainability reporting, verification studies according to PAS 2050 ISAE3000 and AA1000 standards. While these studies seriously support the proof of the sustainability of companies, products and services, they also help them reach national and international environmental standards. In addition to all these, we encourage the product development of companies with our greenhouse gas and life cycle assessment services and ensure that these brands stand out in the competition.”

About SGS

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SGS Turkey

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