Sixth robot investments summit continues in Istanbul

Information about what kind of robot investments are made in your sector in Turkey and in the world, how the number of existing robots is increased, how much the costs are reduced with these investments and how much productivity is increased is very important for the future of your business. You can see practically what more than 80 companies in the Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition can do in your sector.

The first robot investment can be returned in a wonderfully short time such as 4.5 months, and this period can be extended to an unacceptably long period of 11 years. For this, the important thing is to stay away from people who say, “Wherever you buy the robot, I will commission it for you for 500 dollars” and to work with the right integrator company.

You can meet very successful integrator companies at the Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition.

Adding robots to your business often provides huge benefits. However, the total cost of ownership of the investment is also very important.

There are many alternative financial resources for robot investments, which are within the scope of technology investments, and even grant support is provided under some conditions. You can learn how alternative financial resources can be used at the Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition.

Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition, under the supervision of TOBB; It is organized with the support of MAKFED, ENOSAD, TUSAYDER and in cooperation with ST Alternative Fairs, an INDUSTRY MEDIA company.

The exhibition areas at the Robot Investments Summit are mostly completed with the participation of the participant companies of the previous year. All stand sales of this year’s organization have been completed and are closed for sale.

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