Spanish tourism professionals will be Turkey’s ‘promotional ambassadors’

Representatives of Spanish tourism agencies, who are visiting and examining Cappadocia, one of the important tourism destinations of Turkey, will contribute to the tourist potential of the region as Turkey’s voluntary promotion ambassadors in their countries.

Sector representatives, who rolled up their sleeves to increase mobility in tourism, continue to promote tourism destinations in Turkey.

In this context, the representatives of the leading travel agencies of Spain, who were invited to Turkey, discovered the historical, cultural and natural beauties of Cappadocia after Istanbul, Pamukkale and Kuşadası.

The Spanish delegation of 40 people, who visited the historical churches, chapels, monasteries and museums in Cappadocia, as well as the valleys covered with fairy chimneys and natural rock formations, admired the texture of the region.

Maria Jose Usero Vladivia, the owner of a tourism agency in Spain, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they observed the high level of Kovid-19 measures in Turkey, and that those who make holiday plans are enthusiastic about traveling to Turkey, which is a safe country.

Voicing that they will tell about the beauties of Turkey by sharing the images and photos they recorded in the areas they visited, Vladivia said, “The measures taken in Turkey during the Kovid-19 period are very good. It is seen that the sector is well prepared in terms of tourism. The touristic centers here are very beautiful. Many people will visit Turkey in the coming period. He will want to come and see it. We convey this safe environment to our people and our collaborators in the field of tourism.” said.

“Cappadocia is the jewel of Turkey”

Miguel Angel Crespo, on the other hand, stated that her trips were aimed not only at Spanish tourists but also all European travel enthusiasts to tourism areas.

Stating that Cappadocia is very well known in Europe and that tourists want to participate in a hot air balloon tour at least once in their lives, Crespo said:

“Our trip will be the starting point of tourism not only for Spain but also at the European level. We will tell our colleagues and our people about Turkey, recommend it and send it here. The fact that Spanish tourists are happy in a place with such a beautiful nature will greatly affect tourists from other European countries and Turkey will encourage them to come to Turkey. The truth is that Turkey is a very safe destination for travelers. Turkey is a very beautiful country, but I believe that Turkey’s most important jewel is Cappadocia. When you come here, everything changes a lot and there is an atmosphere of complete peace. The Spaniards know Cappadocia very well and they want to experience the hot air balloon rides.”

“Turkey is a popular country in tourism”

Tourist Taner Aktaş, accompanying the delegation’s tour of Turkey, also explained that European countries will open their doors to travel as of June 7, and Turkish tourism will recover in the short term. “Tourism was at zero level due to the pandemic all over the world. Turkey is one of the countries that will quickly enter the top 5 in tourism.” he said.

Burak Koyuncuoğlu, who hosted the delegation at the rock-carved hotel in Ürgüp district, stated that reservations for accommodation facilities with safe tourism certificates have started.

Emphasizing that the facilities comply with the Kovid-19 measures, Koyuncuoğlu said, “I think tourism will recover very quickly with the spread of the vaccine in our country. We receive a large number of requests, especially from the American and European countries. We expect a recovery from South East Asian countries by the end of the year.” used the phrases.

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