SSB and MSB signed: Mine hunter ‘MEMATT’ is coming

A contract was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) and the Military Factory and Shipyard Operation AŞ (ASFAT) affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense for the allocation of 2 Mechanical Mine Clearing Equipment (MEMATT) to the Gendarmerie General Command.

A contract was signed between the SSB and ASFAT regarding the supply of MEMATT in line with the needs of the gendarmerie.

Within the scope of the project, it is foreseen that 2 MEMATT will be delivered in May 2023. 

Exported to three countries

In 2019, ASFAT initiated design activities for MEMATT in order to end Turkey’s foreign dependency on mine clearance and to clear minefields safely, effectively and quickly.

With the cooperation of military factories and the private sector, it was designed and produced in less than a year. While 6 of the MEMATTs were delivered to Turkey; Exports were made to 3 countries in total, 20 to Azerbaijan, 2 to Togo and 2 to Burkina Faso.

MEMATT, which has far superior features to its international counterparts, is designed to be resistant to at least 8 kilograms of TNT. Tested against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. Managed with a 5 kilometer remote control, MEMATT provides ease of use to the operator with the number of cameras on the vehicle.

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