Support trainings for young people from Bursa businessman

The trainings given in the factory where parts are produced for the leading automotive companies of the sector in Bursa contribute to the development of technical knowledge and skills of children and young people.

Bursa businessman opened the doors of his factory to those who want to improve their technical skills. At the Ermetal Technological Education Foundation, which has been operating in a part of the factory in the automotive sector for 4 years, students and teachers can attend trainings in many fields such as three-dimensional printers, robotic coding, production skills, automotive technologies.

Making a statement on the subject, the founder of the Foundation, businessman Fahrettin Gülener, said, “We care about increasing exports as a priority in the Foundation. We need to step up in machinery. I wish children to grow up as good machinists and to develop machinery factories.” said.

More than 36 thousand children participated in the caravan application

The factory, which is owned by businessman Fahrettin Gülener, is also among Turkey’s 500 largest industrial enterprises. 4 years ago, a part of the factory was allocated to the Ermetal Technological Education Foundation (ERTEV).

Within the scope of the protocol signed with the Provincial Directorate of National Education, vocational high school teachers can teach at the foundation, young people who want to improve their technical knowledge can receive training and be employed. Among the trainings given, there are courses such as robotic coding, production skills, CNC machine, three-dimensional printers.

Teachers can also benefit from the training provided. While there are more than 600 teachers within the body of the foundation, 140 students receive training within the scope of the Expert Workshop Workforce Training Program. With the caravan application, 36,200 children and more than 1000 teachers have participated in the trainings all over the country.

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