The 1800-year-old Saint George Church in Diyarbakır is being repaired

The 1800-year-old Saint George Church in Diyarbakır will open its doors to visitors again after the repair.

The Saint George Church, which was restored in 2008 in the historical İçkale in Diyarbakır’s central Sur district and dates back to the 3rd century AD, started to serve as an art gallery. Due to the need for maintenance in the church over time, the work was started by the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality.

After the tender, repair work is carried out in the areas where the church is needed, such as the dome, roof cover, insulation, joint renewal, electricity, drainage, under the supervision of the relevant institutions and boards.


The church will welcome its visitors with its former function, with the completion of 90 percent of the works completed.

“We intend to pass it on to future generations”

Mehmet Karaaslan, Head of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality’s Zoning and Urban Planning Department, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the biggest request of the citizens as the Metropolitan Municipality is the restoration, revival and transfer of the historical walls to future generations, when Münir Karaloğlu, the Governor and Deputy Mayor of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, took office.


Karaaslan stated that the restoration work on the walls, which they started as the 1st and 2nd stages within the scope of the road map they drew, continues, and that they are also working in the church in question in terms of creating integrity.

Stating that the church is a cultural asset that has survived from the Romans, Karaaslan noted that the church is one of the most important works in the İçkale region.


Stating that the restoration works were carried out in order to create integrity within the scope of the works carried out in the Saint George Church, Karaaslan said, “We cleaned the grass on the roof of the church and prevented the water flow. We repaired the flooring and electrical installation. We made the facade lighting. We renewed the drainage lines.” said.

Stating that their work will contribute to the city, Karaaslan said, “We intend to carry out all the restorations and transfer historical artifacts to future generations during our tenure. We want to make Diyarbakır a tourism city by completing our restorations.” found an evaluation.

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