The first presentation of agricultural UAVs from MANA Aviation was held in Konya

MANA Aviation, founded in Ankara, made the first presentation of the spraying drone systems it developed in Konya. Drone systems attracted great attention in the promotion made for farmers at the Agriculture 2023 Fair.

In order to introduce MAD series UAV systems, the company introduced Agricultural Spraying Drone, Automatic Steering Systems and Agricultural Spraying Services at the fair.

In the statement given by the company, “We are on the third day of the Konya agriculture fair, which is a launch for us. As a corporate and domestic manufacturer, we are very pleased with the interest we receive. This favor showed that we took action at the right time and at the right place. MANA will be good for Turkish agriculture and Turkish farmers. “MANA is good for us.”–Tu0?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

5 different drone systems

MANA Aviation had developed 5 different models that could carry drugs of different capacities. Continuing to work on this issue, the company aims to expand its products throughout Turkey by increasing its promotions in the near future.

Promotion in Ortaca

MANA Aviation, which also held introductory meetings in the region, made its previous promotion in Ortaca. Ortaca Chamber of Agriculture President Salim Çöllü made the following statement.

“Ortaca Chamber of Agriculture President Salim Çöllü; “Due to the increase in input costs in production, our farmers have problems in spraying and fertilizing. In order to reduce these problems to some extent, our farmers were informed about spraying with drones. It was explained that with this system, both medicine and diesel will be saved and it will contribute to the farmers. We aim to spread this practice in our region. Cost reductions of up to 30-40 percent are targeted for spraying. If we can achieve this, we will lighten the burden of the farmer a little bit. We will be spraying in a more modern way. I think our farmers will be interested in this practice”

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