The gaming industry market in Turkey is growing rapidly

Game Designers, Developers, Production and Publishers Association (OYUNDER) President Tansu Kendirli said that the game industry market in Turkey has exceeded 1.5 billion dollars.

The Turkey Entrepreneurs Meeting Summit and Exhibition, organized by the Entrepreneurial Businessmen Foundation (GİV) and where Anadolu Agency is the “Global Communication Partner”, continued with the panel titled “Turkey Game Entrepreneurship and its Rising Place in the Global”.

At the panel on the first day of the “Turkey Entrepreneurs Meeting Summit” held at the Selcuklu Congress Center under the auspices of the Presidency, OYUNDER President Tansu Kendirli stated that the game industry market in the world is 180 billion dollars.

Expressing that the game market in Turkey is getting bigger and bigger, Kendirli said, “The target in this market in Turkey was 5 billion dollars. Before the pandemic, it was at the level of 1-1.5 billion dollars, I can say that it is much higher than this. It may have found 10-15 thousand people at once.” said.

Expressing a road map to follow for young people who want to take part in this sector and find a job, Kendirli continued his words as follows:

“First of all, I recommend that they understand the terminology. If we don’t speak Turkish, we can’t get along with you, right? Therefore, they need to understand the language of this industry, this industry first. Then they need to develop an idea, an opinion about where they will take place in this industry. I wonder on the art side of this. Will it be on the side of the communication design or the community management side? There are opportunities to make money there, too. There are a lot of possibilities.”

Zynga, one of the leading companies in the game industry in the United States, bought the game company Peak, founded in Istanbul in 2010, for 1.8 billion dollars, and in 2018 for 250 million dollars, Istanbul-based Gram Games, At a global level, all eyes were suddenly on the game market in Turkey.

The summit, which was organized to add value to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, to inform entrepreneurs, to bring ideas and projects together with national and international investors, and to contribute to the commercialization of projects, will continue for two days.

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