The stars of the summit were ProManage Cloud and Computer Vision

Doruk, the architect of smart factory technologies, attended the Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Exhibition, which brings together industry professionals and companies that want to invest in digitalization.

At the summit held in Tuzla between 5-7 October, Doruk; Computer Vision, the ‘Technology for Conversion of Camera Images to Digital Data’, which makes a difference in data collection with artificial intelligence, and the revolutionary ProManage Cloud technology, which pioneered the digitalization of SMEs, received full marks from the visitors.

Making a presentation at the summit panel, Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden shared information that will guide SMEs in their digital transformation journey.

Answering Özden’s questions in the presentation, ProManage MES/MOM and Digital Transformation Project Director Devrim Balaban shared with the participants what is curious about the digitalization of control mechanisms.

Performing the digital transformation of more than 300 factories around the world, Doruk took part in the Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Exhibition, which aims to guide manufacturers.

Doruk organized events to guide visitors’ digitalization journeys.

On the second day of the summit, Doruk Member of the Board of Directors and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden made a presentation on “The key role of digitalization in the growth of manufacturing SMEs by being included in their targeted supply chains”; “Companies that can proactively manage their production operations through digitalization in the new industrial age are making huge gains. Because digital and smart business solutions are a very important tool for companies to have a place in the competition”.

Doruk’s technologies attracted great attention at the summit

During the summit, Doruk met with the intense interest of industry professionals with his innovative technologies and provided one-on-one meetings with many domestic and foreign investors. The company attracted the attention of investors with its revolutionary new technology ProManage Cloud, which enables manufacturers, especially SMEs, to digitize practically and quickly.

At the summit, Doruk also introduced Computer Vision, which was developed to measure the number of operations at points such as product recognition/identification, product counting, reprocessing, manual assembly, product quality control and to verify the operation quality compliance along the assembly line. took note.

Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden and Doruk MES/MOM and Digital Transformation Project Director Devrim Balaban, in the form of questions and answers, discussed the contributions of digitalization to production management and its benefits to companies.

Formula to win in competition: design, production method, profitability and agility

Özden said that there are four important factors that companies need to solve in order to be a pioneer in competition; “The first of these is product design. If the product produced is not the product that the industry and customers expect from the manufacturer in the digitalized world, the path taken is wrong. The second element is innovative ways of production. Even if we produce the most innovative product, we must be able to produce it in sufficiently innovative ways and the methods we use from order to shipment must be compatible with the digital world. The third element is efficiency. The business must be profitable enough and keep its costs under control. The fourth and final element is agility. “If a firm can deliver fewer batches of orders quickly, it is agile and puts it ahead of the competition.”

IoT data should be used to improve operational processes

Özden drew attention to the fact that digital tools can meet the expectations of the supply chain with his presentation; “Companies need to purchase materials from suppliers, track them, and follow up on which supplier the product comes from at the factory entrance. Likewise, businesses also need to collect IoT data during production. At this stage, it is a critical process to collect all the information about the product produced in the center. With the IoT platform, all this can be carried out very easily and effectively. The information collected through sensors or smart devices should be used in terms of operational management. Only in this way can we move towards an integrated corporate business structure.”

Customers want to work with proactive suppliers who can control themselves

Emphasizing that the supply chain expects self-control from companies at the panel, ProManage MES/MOM and Digital Transformation Project Director Devrim Balaban said, “The customer at the top of the supply chain; It wants to work with companies that monitor their own systems, infrastructure and processes, and most importantly, that can perform self-control. In addition, it does not want to see major shortcomings while operating its own control mechanism. Businesses that make the aforementioned measurements with digital applications can report data very quickly and automatically. While the inspection time is shortened at the same rate, it provides much more reliable results. The customer also asks the SME to be proactive, anticipate potential problems and take appropriate steps. Businesses with a proactive culture and digital infrastructure are able to carry out this process in a very healthy way.”

An annual increase of 2.5 times is possible in the same production park with digital tools

Stating that the change in work culture, qualified workforce that can use digital tools and choosing the right digital business partner, makes digitalization difficult; He stated that there are incentives offered by the government and chambers of industry to pave the way for digitalization, and these contribute to the reduction of various costs of companies. Aylin Tülay Özden, who supported Balaban’s words by saying that the investments made in digital tools have returns in a short time like one year, pointed out that the digitalization culture finds a response within the company and added that digital tools provide a 2.5-fold increase in production.

About Doruk and ProManage

Doruk, a technology company with a deep-rooted history of 23 years and carrying out Turkey’s first R&D studies in the field of digitalization in the industry, develops and installs Intelligent and Digital Production Management Systems for the digital management of production operations of industrial enterprises.

Setting out with the aim of introducing the IT technologies used in production to the production industry in Turkey and preparing companies for Industry 4.0 at the point it has reached today, Doruk is the company that builds the “digitalization in production management in Turkey” market.

Doruk, who has been the digital transformation mentor of industrialists with ProManage, the only production management system in the world that is made up of the words Production and Management and fully integrated with IoT, machine learning, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, has digitized more than 300 factories around the world to date.

Doruk has a head office located in Teknopark Istanbul in Turkey, offices in Antalya Teknokent and İzmir Depark Teknokent, as well as a company in Chicago, USA. Aiming to be one of the first three companies in the world that produces technological solutions for the digital production management of the factories of the future within the scope of 2030 goals, Doruk’s ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions Corp. named company, entered the Asia-Pacific market with a partnership agreement with Japan-based ITO Corporation.

Doruk, the R&D partner of MxD, which was established to strengthen the production industry in the USA, works with the aim of making its USA company the center of global R&D and expansion operations. Prepared to change the balance in the industry with ProManage Cloud, the IoT-based MES MOM system it has developed and which is revolutionary in digitalization, Doruk removes the obstacles to smart factory transformation by enabling all businesses, especially SMEs, to digitize practically, quickly and with small budgets in about 4 to 8 weeks.

ProManage Cloud eliminates the problem of advanced infrastructure with only internet connection without the need for a database and server.

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