The team from İzmir came second in the Intelligent Transportation Category in Teknofest

The project develops an automation system according to the density of vehicle traffic, increases the lane of the busy direction and reduces the lane of the non-intensive direction with the middle lane servo motor movable barriers and step motor movable plastic delineators, while saving both time and fuel, while saving stress, accident risk, environmental and reduce noise pollution.

There is a great expectation that the prototype of the project will eliminate the existing problems (loss of time, fuel loss, environmental and noise pollution, accident risk and stress).

PROJECT NAME: Yolunuz Açık Olsun
TEAM NAME: Yolumuz75
TEAM LEADER: Alper Doruk Yıldız
CONSULTANT: Şıh Mehmet Tellioğlu

In fact, in order to prevent this density, skittle tenders are made for this work in İzmir, and the process of putting skittles is carried out at certain points with human power. There is no need for manpower to eliminate this density with the project. It will be one of the best steps to be taken on the way to smart cities and smart transportation.

With this project, in the light of the traffic density information received from the IZUM smart transportation system, the delinators move upwards and the left lane is given information about which lane will be opened through the automation system and police control and the illuminated signs controlled from the IZUM smart transportation center to relieve the lane with heavy traffic. it is closed to traffic and the lane in the extra going direction is opened.

Thus, the traffic density is reduced. Especially in metropolitan cities, at certain times of the day, the traffic density is very high, and the waiting time of the vehicles in the traffic can be very long and CO2 is released into the air from the exhaust of thousands of vehicles.

CO2 emission increases acidic formations and harms living things. Global warming is accelerating. The temperature differences between day and night become more pronounced. The glaciers melt, causing the Earth’s water level to rise.

The project will prevent both waste of time and environmental pollution in places and hours with high traffic density.

Although the audience that the project will address is the drivers and passengers who spend time in traffic in the first place, when the benefit to nature for the future of our world is considered, the target audience is actually all living things.

Team Yolumuz75 placed second in its category

About Team Leader Alper Doruk Yıldız

Team leader Alper Doruk Yıldız was born on April 27, 2009 in İzmir. He is a 7th grade student at Dokuz Eylül University Private 75.Yıl Secondary School and Experiment Turkey workshops won the continuing education program in 2019 and is still training in the T3 Foundation Izmir Secondary School group. Teknofest 2020 competed in the final in the category of “Technology for the Benefit of Humanity” in Gaziantep.

His areas of interest are realizing new types of products he designed in his dreams with 3D drawings in computer environment, redesigning existing designs in a more usable form, making 3D models.

He wants to be an Industrial Design Engineer in the future.

About Consultant Şıh Mehmet Tellioğlu

Consultant Şıh Mehmet Tellioğlu is an Information Technologies and Software Teacher at Dokuz Eylül University Private 75th Year Educational Institutions and a graduate student at Dokuz Eylül University Institute of Educational Sciences, Department of Computer and Instructional Technologies. He is doing his master’s thesis on robotics applications.

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