They Produced and Exported New Handling Machine

With the container handling machine they developed with the support of TÜBİTAK, two engineer-entrepreneurs achieved export success in an area with strong competitors.

KALSYS Lifting Systems, which was founded by two engineers and entrepreneurs, has achieved export success in an area where there are few and strong competitors by producing the handling machine used for the correct stacking and relocation of containers.

“We made our first shipment to Uzbekistan railways”

KALSYS, a Technopark Ankara company, started its activities in 2019 with the aim of reducing dependence on imported products in the steel construction and crane industry and localizing subsystems.

Noting that they set out to produce container handling machines in which European manufacturers have expertise, the Founding Partner of the company, Haluk Kaya, said that the machines mostly produced by Swiss companies and not produced in Turkey are used in ports to land containers transported by ships, especially in international transportation.

Stating that the question came to their minds while working at the Crane company and that they applied to TUBITAK by preparing their projects, Kaya said, “We knew that it would be a project with high added value for our country, we were able to explain it correctly to TUBITAK and the institution supported our project in May 2020. “It was accepted and the work started. Meanwhile, we contacted Uzbekistan railways and started and completed the production of a slightly more advanced version of our first machine. In February, we made our first shipment to Uzbekistan railways.”

“Our first goal is to replace Europeans in our ports”

Stating that there are various versions of the machines in question that are electrical, hydraulic, for ships and capable of carrying more than one container, Kaya stated that they continue their R&D studies for product diversity and that they aim to increase their product range in a short time.

Emphasizing that their first goal is to replace their European competitors in Turkish ports, Kaya said, “Our next goal is to have a say in the Middle East and Turkic Republics. Finally, we aim to open up to the whole world with the European market.” he said.

“The increasing need in the pandemic has become an opportunity for us”

Stating that the importance of international trade was understood more and its power was realized during the Covid-19 pandemic period, Kaya stated that the process could not be managed properly without containers and the machines carrying them, and in this context, they considered the increasing need as an opportunity in the said period.

Informing that the machines have a useful life of 15-20 years, Kaya continued his words as follows:

“If you want to sell the machine in Turkey, a new need is needed. In order to purchase new machinery, customers at the ports need to make new investments or the existing machinery needs to be scrapped. Currently, there are no short-term investments in Turkey. Our research continues for long-term investments. Apart from this, We talked to a few ports in Turkey. The initial reactions of these companies are very positive, they are already stuck with certain brands from Europe, they are constantly bought from there. Apart from that, they have to buy spare parts from abroad for service and maintenance. A team that can intervene from here, A machine whose spare part is produced in Turkey is very sympathetic to the companies we interviewed.”

“We expect two more orders from Uzbekistan”

Pointing out that the number of machines sold by their competitors in the last 3 years is around 250-300, and the sales figures are high despite their long service life, Kaya said that the market share is very high considering the number of cranes and ports in the world and that the market share of 1-2 brands in Europe is 60 percent. He stated that he has

Noting that their first target is to achieve a 50 percent market share and then increase it to 100 percent, Kaya said, “We want to expand abroad as soon as possible. Uzbekistan was very pleased with our railway work and technical engineering consultancy. There are about 16 regions in Uzbekistan where this machine can be used. “The other 14 are within the scope of investment. At first, we expect two orders from Uzbek railways in a few months.” he concluded his speech.

Source: AA – Translation: Voice of Turkey

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