Togg ready for sale

Turkey’s Car Togg is ready for sale. The domestic and national automobile, whose type approval processes have been completed with the test, will be on the road by the end of this month within the plans. The highly anticipated special production of 2023 units of Togg, prioritizing NFT sales, is also planned to be auctioned on the Trumore digital application this month. Togg Gemlik Factory, which will produce 20 thousand units this year, needs to produce 2 thousand 222 Toggs per month and 75 Toggs daily in the remaining 9 months.

Turkey’s Car Togg, whose price announcement and sales were suspended due to the earthquake, will be on the road this month. The NFT auction of 2,023 Toggs, which are produced specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Republic and prioritize purchase, is expected to be completed within this month in the domestic and national automobile, where all preparations for the sale have been made.


Togg, which has not spared its support with 11 from the first moment of the earthquake, and other organizations that are affiliated with it, continue to provide assistance. The income of NFT, which prioritizes 2,023 purchases suspended due to the earthquake, is also on the agenda. The proceeds from the auction, which is planned to be held via Trumore this month, are expected to reach millions of liras.


While the number of people who started using the Trumore application exceeded 200,000 before the earthquake, nearly 20,000 people prepared the wallet required for the auction of the 2023 NFT collection. Normal NFTs 1000-2.023 in planned auction 10 Avax, rare NFTs 250-999 15 Avax, very rare NFTs 101-250 20 Avax, rarest NFTs 01-100 30 Starting from Avax prices will be offered to the citizens. The current value of 1 Avax cryptocurrency is 325 lira.


Testing and type approval processes of Togg, which will be sold through digital channels and its own experience centers this month, have also been completed. Turkey’s Automobile, which is ready for mass production, will produce and sell 20 thousand units this year. Of the remaining 2,023 vehicles of special series, 2,000 will be deducted from the 30,000 vehicles guaranteed by the state. In the first place, the remaining production of the vehicles, which will be allocated to high-level state bureaucrats such as ambassadors and governors, will be presented to the citizens. This means 15 thousand 977 Toggs.

2,222 units will be produced each month

Togg Gemlik Factory, which will produce 20 thousand units annually, needs to produce 2 thousand 222 smart devices every month in order to keep the promise made in the remaining 9 months. This corresponds to an average of 75 vehicles per day. On a daily basis, this figure equates to 9-10 Toggs per hour in a single 8-hour shift.


While no information was given about the price of the Togg, CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş stated at every opportunity that “It will compete with the current C-SUV models with internal combustion”. The SCT regulation for electric vehicles made last week gave a clue to the price of Togg. The maximum price of 150 kW 200 hp Togg with rear-wheel drive 2-wheel engine, which will be in the 10 percent SCT segment, will not exceed 1 million 622 thousand liras. The C-SUV Togg, which will be available at a lower price, will attract great attention.

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