Tons of gold and silver reserves were detected in Ağrı! Total market cap of $1.23 billion

A gold reserve with a market value of 1.2 billion dollars and a silver reserve of 2.8 million dollars were determined by Koza Altın in Ağrı Mollakara. The amount of gold found was 20 tons, and the silver was 3.5 tons.

The foundation of the Mollakara gold mine facility in Ağrı was laid. Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank gave the good news. Minister Varank announced that 20 tons of gold with a market value of 1.2 billion dollars and 3.5 tons of silver reserves with a market value of 2.8 million dollars were detected by Koza Gold in Ağrı Mollakara.

Minister Varank;

I would like to remind you that this facility, the foundation of which we will lay today, is of great importance for both our Ağrı and our country’s economy. It will be completed with an investment of 160 million dollars. It will strengthen our country’s power in gold production. Prior to the AK Party government, Ağrı was one of the provinces that were put into the background in investment. With the investments we have made in the last 19 years, we have turned down the bad luck of our region and city.

As the Ministry of Industry, we have accomplished important works in Ağrı and we will continue to do so in the future. With an investment of 41 million liras, we completed our OIZ and put it at the disposal of our investors. With an investment of 35 million liras, we increased the number of industrial sites to 2. We would like to apply the textile city application, which we have recently implemented in Van and Urfa and achieved very important results, in Ağrı. We can also follow the nice weather in Ağrı recently. “Today, we are excited to bring another investment to our city,” he said. I hope that this environment will set an example for Istanbul in the first place. We are faced with an understanding of opposition that is hostile to investment. They are holding a groundbreaking ceremony in Istanbul. There has probably not been another manager in the world who held a groundbreaking ceremony.

We have prepared an investment certificate of 53 billion liras

The mining sector is a sector that creates a huge multiplier effect for the economy in general. It also has an impact on our sustainable development. We also attach importance to the development of the mining industry in order to meet the needs of our growing economy. The hydrocarbon explorations we have carried out in our seas recently reveal the success of our industry. Since 2021, we have prepared 3 thousand documents for an investment of 53 billion liras in the mining area. The great increase in the number of enterprises in our mining sector, production and added value shows that the policies we have started to implement bear fruit.

Turkey produces 42 tons of gold in 18 mines

Turkey, which could not produce 1 gram of gold in the early 2000s, produced 42 tons of gold in 18 active mines at this point. The project will directly provide employment opportunities for 500 and indirectly 2000 citizens. Hopefully, in the last quarter of 2022, we want to cast gold here with the auspicious hands of our President. Koza Gold, where the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) is a trustee, is expected to invest a total of 160 million dollars for the gold mine facility in Mollakara village of Diyadin district of Ağrı.

It is aimed that the first gold casting will be done in the last quarter of 2022 in the mine where the processing facility will also be located. In the business where 500 people will be employed directly, indirect employment is expected to reach 2 thousand 300 people.

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