Traveling to Turkey is easier than ever with E-Visa

The e-visa, also known as an online visa, is a visa system that can be applied for over the internet. Thanks to the e-visa system, visa procedures can be done without going to visa application centers, without waiting for hours in the application queue and long queues at the airport for the countries where visa is obtained, thus it is possible to avoid wasting time. Thanks to the e-visa, which is issued mostly for touristic purposes, a travel document can be obtained easily if all the necessary conditions are met. The e-visa, which can be obtained for commercial purposes other than touristic trips, cannot be used in cases of obtaining a work permit or student visa, and the application for these visas must be made in person.

Although the visa procedures of each country may differ, the basics work similarly. However, the visa requirements of the destination country should be examined in detail in order to complete the procedures and obtain the visa without any problems.

In order to obtain an e-visa, it must first be learned whether the country to travel uses this system. If the country uses the e-visa system, the person must have a valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of travel, and then take a transcript of the documents after paying the e-visa fee online. After these procedures, it is possible to pass through the border gates without any problems with the receipt of the visa document.

Infographic: Anadolu Agency

E-Visa for foreign nationals who will travel to Turkey

You can quickly complete your Electronic Visa transactions at without wasting any time.

Electronic visa is valid for 90 days from entry to Turkey and foreign nationals staying for more than 90 days should apply to the Consulate of the Republic of Turkey. The e-Visa fee is set at 50 USD. You can pay the visa fee with Debit Card, Credit Card or UnionPay.

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